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          FACES IN THE FOG                  DOG WORLD                          TECHNICAL TALK
          Wally Perkins                                                        Straight From The Top
                                            Pets in Paris
            The worst London fogs may be                                       The Herald 14 Aug. 1939
                                            Film Weekly 1939
          things of the past, but they deserve their                              Chairman of Paramount Pictures
                                               In France patrons are not merely
          reputation for malevolence, not just on                              Inc., Adolph Zukor was feted at a Town
                                            allowed to bring their dogs to the
          the screen - think Gaslight, The Lodger,                             Hall reception in Melbourne. His every
                                            theatre, but are encouraged to do so,
          Footsteps In The Fog - but for impact in                             comment about Australia was
                                            and where the opportunity offers, the
          the cinema itself.                                                   favourable, even passing on that Mrs.
                                            dogs are permitted to occupy vacant
            I was in London in 1952 and 1953                                   Zukor had gone shopping in Sydney
          and saw first-hand how pervasive a pea                               and found the clothes to be every bit as
          -souper could be. At a cinema off  Rin-Tin-Tin At the Princess       stylish as in Hollywood, but of better
          Oxford Street, the girl at the ticket box,  Fred Page                quality.
          asked if I would like to take a peek                                    However, on developments in 3-D
                                               Warner Bros. introduced their
          inside to see if I still wanted to go in.                            he was inscrutable:
                                            wonder dog to the world in 1923.
            I sat down in fog up to my knees,  Rinty (and some of his 18 stand-ins)  ‘The companies have technicians
          and watched it seep in under the doors  went on to make 19 films, the brothers  working on third dimension, and Mr.
          until the swirling mass covered the  first true star.                Zukor himself saw a few hundred feet
          lower half of the screen. I watched                                  of film that seemed highly satisfactory.
          Eleanor Parker and Fred McMurray in                                  But when the technicians were asked
          A Millionaire for Christy, or rather I                               how it was achieved they said, “We
          watched the top half of them.                                        don’t know”. It was a happy accident.’

                                                                               Chilly Photography
                                                                               The Age 7 Dec. 2006
                                                                                  In journalist John Lowry’s report of
                                                                               an interview with film restoration
                                                                               expert David Adams:
                                                                                  Is there a particular film that you
                                                                               would like to restore?
                                                                                  ‘…I have a great interest in the
                                                                               older Technicolor films that were made
                                                                               with the freeze-drip cameras. Those
                                               For one Rin-Tin-Tin film the    films can do with a lot of help’.
                                            Princess Melbourne advertised that any  As Gordon Evans has pointed out,
            The same winter I was in the    child who brought their dog with them  the correct phrase is ‘three-strip
          Gaumont Kilburn for a Sunday night  would be admitted free. The police  cameras’.
          tribute to the music of Tchaikovsky.   were inundated with calls about
            At first all was well. Then the fog  missing dogs.
          came in, engulfing the orchestra by  One joke from this incident: The
          stealth. Sir Thomas Beecham’s arm  head cleaner demands to know what's
          movements and intemperate language  on next. Told it will be The Four
          showed he was having difficulty seeing  Horsemen of the Apocalypse - “I quit”.  REEL
          his players.
                                               Wally Perkins (again) says that the
            By the time Dame Joan Hammond   reason the cleaner quit was not about
          sang Tatiana’s letter scene from Eugene  horses; it was because he couldn't  DEALS
          Onegin, only her head was visible.  tango.
            Fog on this scale has a lingering                                         KEEPING FILM
          effect. As it clears, soot bonds to walls,  Puppy Power
          curtains and screen.              Time 17 Sept. 2007                  COLLECTORS IN TOUCH
                                               Lucky and Flo are a pair of black
            (Wally is aware that this story puts  Labradors trained to sniff out DVDs      ENQUIRIES:
          his reputation as a reliable raconteur in  and lead investigators to pirated   MIKE TRICKETT
          jeopardy. He is prepared to take a lie  material.                              25 Fairlie Street
          detector test.)
                                               The success of their first assignment  North Geelong Vic. 3216
                                            in Malaysia can be judged from the fact
                                                                                     Phone: AH 03 5278 1986
                                            that bootleggers were reputed to have
                                                                                       Fax: 03 5278 3545
                                            put a bounty on the dog's heads.
                                            Luckily they escaped any would-be
                                                                                       CINEMARECORD 2007 13
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