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Two cars were involved. One left   Built as a high stadium, the former  Reporting by:
          Mt Gambier with the first two reels,  stalls are now Cinema One. The  Gerry Kennedy, Ross King, Brian
          while interval at the Rivoli was strung  balcony has been walled in (concealed  Miller, Roderick Smith and Ian Smith
          out for as long as possible. Reels three  by curtains from the stalls) and divided  In Part Two:
          and four arrived in the second car with  into two cinemas, serviced from one  Projection equipment reviewed by Ross
          just two minutes to spare.        projection room. They are small (48  King
            Jeannette and Bill hold in storage  seats each) but luxurious.     Some venues inspected have not been
          the projection equipment and curtains  The projector for Cinema One still  mentioned. They will be the subject of
          from the former Regent Adelaide. We  beams from the original port while new  later stories.
          wish them every success.          machines stand either side, an     Acknowledgments
            All trips should end on a high note  impressive projection room upgrade.  A CATHS tour requires much
          and this one was true to form. In Ararat  The balcony foyer is now a 50-seat  preparatory work, then single-minded
          (12,000), the Astor cinema has always  conference room.              concentration from a few key people
          been an impressive corner building.                                  responsible for timing and safety.
                                            MOST SURREAL MOMENT
                                                                               We are indebted to Secretary Mike
                                               At the Riddoch Art Gallery Mt   Trickett who made the contacts and
                                            Gambier, a recent conversion of an  shaped the itinerary. Brian Miller
                                            1897 hall that showed films as the  arranged the bookings and the myriad
                                            Kings, guide Alexia Pichler warned the  changes to them as interest grew.
                                            group to tread warily as she escorted us  Vice-president Peter Woldfenden was
                                            up rickety stairs in the near dark to  coordinator for the South Australia leg
                                            explore the remnants of the theatre  and Ross King wrote the pre-tour notes.
                                            gallery. Then up more steps, through a  A special thanks is reserved for our
                                            door into - modern, light-filled   stoic drivers Mike Trickett and James
                                            administrative offices - Alexia’s work  Barrand who, despite their
          When CATHS last visited it was still a                               responsibilities, seemed to enjoy the
                                            place. How often was this surprise
          single screen in need of a spruce up.                                trip like everyone else.
                                            worked on 1940s audiences, especially
          How pleasant to walk into the freshly                                CATHS is indebted to the local guides
                                            in serials? Then of course, a
          painted foyer of the busy Astor 3                                    who generously gave of their time. In
                                            nondescript entrance disguised the lair
          Cinema                                                               addition to those mentioned in the text,
                                            of a criminal mastermind. ★
                                                                               we thank Marlene Keane (Koroit) and
                                                                               John Featherstone (Colac).

                                     ALIGHT TOUCH
                                     ALIGHT TOUCH

          Capitol, Warrnambool                                                 Former Rivoli, Naracoorte

                                             Former Kings, Mt Gambier

                                             Choice of lighting is important to mood. The balcony lights (top left to right) impart a
                                             cream or soft orange glow.
                                             Left: Bold ceiling lights are the only decorative feature. Image: James Barrand.
          Star, Portland

          10  2007 CINEMARECORD
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