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                                         STAGE MAGIC

          Oak leaves frame the proscenium at Terang (left) then burst out all over at Coleraine (right), a sylvan setting for the two musicians (centre)

                             ANATOMY OF CHANGE
                              ANATOMY OF CHANGE

          The best updates preserve an imposing frontage. To see what has changed, the best view is usually from the rear. At Stawell Town
          Hall, above, the most recent addition has been the fly-tower. Image, right: Roderick Smith

          Above left: Terang hall as the Mechanics Pictures (1930s) with the canopied entrance supporting a neon sign.
          Right: The entrance today.The former Temperance hall and library (nearest the corner) still exist, hidden by the verandah and an
          added shop.

                                                                                       CINEMARECORD 2007 11
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