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Letters                            have been other examples, albeit

                       Australia                                               smaller and less grand. His Majestys
                  ABN 37 195 378 179                                           Hobart, always a cinema, was closed by
                    Reg A0020747R                                              GU in 1957/8 and remained boarded up
                                                                               until 1972 when it became a menswear
                                            A Thank You
           The aims of CATHS are: to record the                                store. The Chelsea Melbourne was
           history of cinemas and theatres, and to  I wish to extend my thanks to the  closed by GU in November 1979 and
           promote interest in theatre heritage and  organisers of the recent tour of south-  remained so until demolition in 1986.
           architecture, and other related areas.  west Victoria. In particular to Mike
                                                                                  There is a story that Ford’s
                       Patrons:             Trickett for the work he put into
           Frank Van Straten OAM Peter Smith OAM  planning and organising such an  Theatre, Washington DC was closed
           Philip Brady                                                        for a century after the assassination of
                                            extensive program. The whole tour was
                                                                               President Lincoln in 1865. Can anyone
                     Committee:             a great credit to him, not to mention
                                                                               verify this?
           President: Gerry Kennedy 5174 1870  being one of the bus drivers as well.
                                                                               Peter Woolnaugh, Kyogle NSW
           Vice President: Peter Wolfenden 9744 2570  The cameraderie throughout the
           Secretary: Mike Trickett 5278 1986  four days was very evident, we saw  (Ford’s Theatre remained  closed
           Treasurer: Barrie Wraith 9435 9785  some wonderful cinema venues and  until 1968, if one internet site can be
                         ★                  more importantly we had a great time,  believed. - Ed.)
           Archivist: Gerry Kennedy 5174 1870  notwithstanding the Victorian weather!
           Central Victoria Co-ordinator:   Thanks again.
           Fred Page 5444 0428  (Bendigo)
           Gippsland Co-ordinator:          Les Tod, Sydney
           Gerry Kennedy 5174 1870  (Traralgon)  Kudos For The Rialto
           Events Co-ordinator:
           Brian Miller 9557 7446              The Rialto Kew (CR56) may not
           Film Buffs Group:                have been in the top ten for appearance
           Mike Trickett 5278 1986          (CinemaRecord 56), but it must have
           Publications Sales:              punched above its weight in terms of
           Garry Saunders 9812 7227         patronage. Here is a frame from an
           Membership Secretary: Peter O’Reilly
           See CATHS’ postal address        introduction to a trailer from the 1950s,
           CinemaRecord Editor:             when only selected suburban theatres
           Ian Smith                        enjoyed the status of a ‘Regency
             Release’ or ‘Simultaneous with City’  Ford’s Theatre, Washington DC is now an
           CATHS website:                   policy.                            historic national site.
           Postal address:                  Ross King, Essendon                Star Spangled Banner
           PO Box 476, Bentleigh 3204.
                                                                                  I can confirm that St Peters Hall
                                                                               was not alone in starting a screening
           Membership                                                          with the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ (The
           Annual membership subscription is $40,
                                                                               Banks Family - CR56). The American
           (overseas subscribers $50) and                                      Government sent many copies of their
           members receive four copies of
                                                                               national anthem to New Zealand. Major
           CinemaRecord, notification of events,
           and copies of the agenda and minutes                                theatres in Wellington and Auckland
                                                                               showed ‘God Save The King’ first, then
           of all meetings. There is no joining fee.
           Meetings                                                            the American anthem, and audiences
                                                                               were happy to stand for both.
           Meetings are held on the last Sunday of  Accurate Church History and
           February, April, June, August, October &  Other Comment                While clearing piles of old film
           November.                                                           from the rafters of the Embassy
           Archive                             In Gerry Kennedy’s article on the  Wellington in 1997 I came across a
                                            Rialto he states that the Christian
           The Archive is located in the Prahran                               35mm nitrate copy of the American
           Mechanics’ Institute, 140 High Street  Revivalist Church, also known as the  anthem, in its original tin, labelled
                                            Pentecostals, moved to the Forum
           Prahran, 9510 3393. The Archive will                                ‘1943 version’. I still have it.
           be open between 9.30am and 12.30pm  theatre in about 1982. Actually, they  David Lascelles, Wellington
           on the Saturday before each meeting  bought the Palace Bourke Street (ex-
           (see above), and at other times by  Metro) in 1982 and stayed until 1986
           appointment with the archivist.  before moving to the Forum.
           Publications                        In ‘Saving Theatres The American
           Back issues of CinemaRecord, other  Way’ Ian Williams pointed out that
           publications, CDs and videos are  closing a big theatre like the Regent
           available at meetings. Items are also  Collins Street and just walking away is
           available by mail. Please contact Garry  unusual in Australia. It is, but there
           Saunders on 9812 7227 for details.

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