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Above from top: At the Naracoorte Institute
          demountable stadium seating rises towards the
          vaulted timber ceiling.
          The steel supporting frame for the seats.                                               Above from top:
                                                                                                  Time has slightly
          A stage on wheels.
                                                                                                  faded the
          CINEMAS AS CINEMAS                                                                      Theatre Royal
          Theatre Royal, Camperdown
                                                                                                  The architect’s
            Camperdown is memorable as a
                                                                                                  sketches for the
          small town with outsize monuments.
                                                                                                  souvenir program
          The clocktower, worthy of a capital
                                                                                                  evoke his
          city, is set at the head of a long line of
                                                                                                  intention better
          trees. Beside it is a handsome bronze of
                                                                                                  than any photo.
          a woman ‘Spirit of the Empire’
          extolling the cause of the Great War.
          No surprise then to find that the
          building with ‘Picture Theatre’
          emblazoned across the pediment is still
          functioning as such.
            The New Camperdown Theatre
          (now Theatre Royal) replaced the
          Mechanics Institute after a fire destroyed
          all but the street façade. This has been
          retained and the imposing entrance to
          the theatre is in the side street.
                                                                                       CINEMARECORD 2007     7
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