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          Ian Hanson                                                           Big changes behind the Regent façade.
            Beverly Hills: The twin cinemas on                                 TASMANIA
                                                                               Ray Peck
          King Georges Road which closed in
          September, are to reopen in 2008 as a                                A Short Life
          boutique complex of five screens.                                       Liverpools, which was to be
            Katoomba: Three new cinemas for                                    Hobart’s new concept in dining and
          The Edge will increase program                                       cinema (CR56) has closed. Inadequate
          flexibility.                      Actors Geoff Paine, and Bill Hunter, about  car parking is said to be a factor in its
                                            to walk the Roxy red carpet
          New Screens                                                          demise.
            Charlestown (Newcastle): The                                       State Plans
          exhibitor for the cinema complex under                                  The State North Hobart may add a
          construction is not yet public                                       fourth screen and book shop if approval
          knowledge. Hoyts operates an eight-                                  is granted.
          screen complex in this suburb.
            Rouse Hill: Reading will be the                                    NEW ZEALAND
          exhibitor at this nine-screen complex                                David Lascelles
          (three Gold Lounges) under                                           Openings
          construction at the Town Centre. The
                                                                                  Upper Hutt: The Ascot Cinema
          cinemas will open early in 2008.
                                                                               Complex opened on 31 August. It has
                                                                               four screens and seating capacities of
                                                                               130,120, 60 and 40.
          Fred Page
                                                                                  Christchurch Central: Metro Gold
          North-West Lights Up                                                 Class Cinemas were scheduled to open
            The Rex Charlton officially became                                 in late October. The three-screens are
          community property on Friday 2                                       said to emulate the décor of the picture
          November. Exactly one week later the                                 palace era.
          Roxy Ouyen, 200 km further north on                                  In A Holding Pattern
          the same highway also re-opened under
                                                                                  The Paramount Wellington was
          community ownership.
                                                                               passed in at tender. This didn't stop the
            The rebirth of the Roxy was the
                                                                               90th birthday celebrations by
          culmination of four years work by
                                                                               invitation-only guests.
          Jenny Heaslip from Mildura TAFE and
          the 250 volunteers she inspired to bring                             Readings Goes Shopping.
          about the physical transformation.                                      Reading’s property company has
          Federal, State and Rural City grants                                 purchased land in Wiri and Taupo. They
          and public donations saw the project                                 also bought the Octagon cinema
          over the line. The restoration preserves  Window at the Rex, Charlton  complex in Dunedin, which makes
          the 'tropical' lattice walls, which make                             them Hoyts landlord.
          the theatre unique in Victoria.   SOUTH AUSTRALIA                    Eviction Likely
            Two congratulatory plaques were  Colin Flint                          The tiny Metro Dunedin, where
          presented; one from CATHS, the other  Vale Regent                    CATHS members were royally
          from the Rex committee.                                              entertained on their 2005 visit, may be
                                               Work on the former Regent Rundle
            Rex Treasurer Haydn Jones said                                     forced to close. The theatre is a tenant
                                            Mall will include escalators to the first
          that the district rallied and raised                                 in the Town Hall annexe and the city
                                            floor, which will become a giant
          $91,000 within three weeks!                                          wants to redevelop the space. Revoking
                                            showroom for JB Hi Fi. The original
          Lights Out at Dandenong           ceiling and walls will stay.       the lease will mean a big payout.
            Village Dandenong closed 10        Much of the marble stairway from
          October. No stampede in by other  1927, re-laid for the 1967 alterations,
          exhibitors seems likely.          may get a third life. The marble has
                                            been stacked in a laneway.

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