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Plenty of fun

              at the Drive-in

                  Former Rowville resident, Gwen Hayes
                        remembers the early days…

            From the opening night in July
          1956 until at least twelve months later,
          I worked at the Drive-In.
            On week nights I started work there
          around 6pm as I was working at the
          SEC office in Dandenong during the
          day, but on Saturdays I’d be there
          between 2 and 3 o’clock to help      Stewart Finn, the Drive In manager,
          prepare stock in the cafeteria.   looked after all of the outdoor staff and
            The gates opened at about 5.30 pm  sometimes when things were hectic in
          because we served meals – fantastic  the cafeteria he would come in and
          they were too – and people ate them  help. Stewart’s wife Dot worked in the
          while the nips played in the playground.   ticket box.

            There was a chef employed to    Top: New ticket box with Olympic motifs!
                                            Middle: Children’s party in front of the café.
          oversee the meals: steaks, grills, fish
                                            Below: The Sun Tour cyclists on Stud Road,
          and chips plus salads. All the hot food
                                            passing the Drive-In theatre in the 1950s.
          was prepared outside in a big barbecue
          area built off the main dining room.
            My cousin, Graeme McIntyre, and
          another local, Bob Anderson, did all the
            Inside we served the salads, hot and
          cold drinks, ice creams (which we used
          to make up), confectionery and
          cigarettes. The indoor crew included
          my cousins, Margaret and Dorothy
          McIntyre, Bob Anderson’s wife, Lou
          the chef and his wife Joy plus Jack
          Wilkinson, the cafeteria manager.

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