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Intermission was a hectic time for                                    The work was constant and we were
          us in the cafeteria. We would have                                   on our feet all the time but we used to
          drinks and ice creams lined up along                                 have plenty of fun. They were certainly
          the counter for quick service. It would                              good days.
          sometimes take us till the end of the
          show to clean up ready for the next day.
            People didn’t seem to mind rainy                                   Acknowledgments:
          nights – they just kept their windscreen                             “The Rowville Drive-In” theatre history
          wipers going. On hot nights people                                   written by Bryan Power.
          definitely came early as it was cooler                               “Plenty of fun at the Drive-In” written by
          out in the open.                                                     Gwen Hayes.
                                                                               Gwen Hayes and Stewart Finn interviewed
            Foggy nights were a different                                      by Bryan Power.
          matter. One foggy night we were                                      Photos courtesy of Bryan Power and Kevin
          showing Whispering Smith and the                                     Adams.
          people listened but could not see the                                First published in the Rowville-Lysterfield
          screen. However, they would not go                                   Community News (August 1992, Sept 2005
          home and still enjoyed the show. As the  The Drive-In was such a novelty in  & March 2006) and used with kind
          screen was down in a hollow we often  the early days that both sides of Stud  permission of the authors.
          had it fogged in on winter nights.  Road would be bumper to bumper with
          Usually the fog lifted but, if not, people  cars stopped while their occupants
          were given free passes to come back to  watched the film.
          another show.

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