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From the Editor....

                                                    aving recently run the gamut of Annual Leave and ill health
                                               Hon top of home and work commitments, I am pleased to
                                                finally present you with this bumper issue of Cinemarecord
                                                featuring a broad range of interesting histories, articles, memories
                                                and lots of pictures from all over Australasia!
                                                  Through a number of stories we also remember those who we
                                                have sadly recently lost. Let this be a reminder of our own
                                                immortality and I urge you to take the time to record and share your own stories and
                                                memories for future generations through these pages.
                                                  As always, my thanks go to all those who help make CinemaRecord such a good read.
                                                As Editor, I am always reliant upon new contributions from our readers and look forward to
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                   Editor: Kevin Adams
                                              2    Absent Friends

                 CinemaRecord Artwork:         3    Newsreel - Australasian Cinema & Theatre News
            Bill Kerr, Optimum Design 9347 6969  8  The End at Paddington? - Kevin Adams
                                              10   Rowville Drive-In Theatre - Bryan Power & Gwen Hayes
              The main aim of CATHS and this   16   Paul Lawrence: A Passion for Projection - Jeffrey Weare
           publication is to accurately document and  18  The Theatres of Naracoorte - Peter Wolfenden
           create an archive of the history of  24  CATHS Tour: New Zealand 2010 - Gerry Kennedy
           cinemas and theatres.
                                               26   Alan Windley: Cinema Pioneer - Ross King
              Input in the form of articles,
           constructive criticism, and substantiated  28  Projecting at the Athenaeum - Harold Aspinall & Alan Winn
           dispute of printed matter is welcome, and  33  Members on Tour: Cuba - Roderick Smith
           necessary to enable us to reach our  34  The Sin in Cinema - Ross King & Colin Flint
           objective.                          36   CATHS Tour: Doncaster 9 - Mike Trickett
              Opinions expressed are those of the   Cover:: Rowville Drive-In Theatre nearing completion in 1956 - Courtesy of Bryan Power

           Editor or contributors, and unless
           expressly stated so, are not necessarily
           those of the Cinema And Theatre
           Historical Society Inc.             Letters
              Articles printed in CinemaRecord                                     The ATP logo was unusual:
           should not be reproduced without the                                 A goddess with a trumpet appeared
           permission of the author or the editor.                              centre screen, the word Associated;
                                                  The mention of films from ATP at  exploded from screen left, enlarging as
              All photos are from the collection of
                                               the Plaza Northcote (CR66) prompted  it came forward. Then Talking came
           the person or organisation stated. Every
                                               this memory.                     forward from the top and Pictures from
           effort has been made to trace the
           ownership of copyright. In the event of  The full name was Associated  the right hand side. This on-screen
                                                                                movement ensured that the patrons
           any questions arising as to the use of any  Talking Pictures. It was a British  were wide awake!
           material, the author and publisher will be  company (1930 -1940), which
           happy to make the necessary corrections  produced the popular George Formby  Brian Miller, Brighton
           in future printings.
              Contributions and suggestions for
           CinemaRecord are most welcome. Please
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