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            NEWSREEL                    •                                         QUEENSTOWN: The restored
          •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • • •
                                                                               (1932) Paragon Theatre plans to install
             CINEMA, THEATRE &          ••                                     a “Dome” system for multi-projector
                                                                               public screenings.
          • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• •                                    BURNIE: The former Village
                                                                               Cinema (Star/Cinema One) in Mount
                                                                               Street which had been converted into
                                                                               Sirrocco’s Bar and Nightclub used as a
            MOONLIGHT CINEMAS: Prime                                           nightclub, closed on 24th July after
          Television has announced the sale of                                 going into liquidation.
          Moonlight Cinemas to Amalgamated
          Holdings for $1.8 million. Moonlight
          operates a summer outdoor season in  CARRINGTON: The former
          Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane  Everyones Theatre has undergone a
          and Perth.                        sympathetic conversion to luxury
            Becker Entertainment acquired   apartments. The façade of the old
          Moonlight from the founders for $8.3  cinema has been restored and looks
          million in 2004. Becker was later  quite impressive.
          acquired by Prime.                   MURWILLUMBAH: The (1947)
            DUBBO: The long-closed          Regent Cinema is on the property
          Westview Drive-In Theatre has been  market. The cinema now only utilises
          for sale for over two years. The 10ha  the former balcony, whilst the ground
          industrial-zoned land is adjacent to both  floor area is used as retail space.
          a caravan park and a juvenile detention
          centre. With a nearby housing estate                                 QUEENSLAND
          edging towards to site, the formidable
          asking price has made it a hard location                                BRISBANE: The Regent Cinemas
          to sell.                                                             closed on Monday 14th June with a
                                                                               screening of the 1942 Casablanca in its
                                                                               Showcase auditorium and also a
                                                                               premiere session of Sex in the City 2.
                                                                               The 1929 Regent had its original
                                                                               2,500+ seat auditorium divided into
                                                                               four small cinemas in 1980 with the
                                                                               Showcase using plaster decoration from
                                                                               the old theatre. A campaign is
                                               CHARLESTOWN: Reading
                                                                               underway to stop the current
                                            Cinemas are on track for the opening of
                                                                               redevelopment plans which involve
                                            their new multi-screen cinema complex
                                                                               retaining only the heritage foyer and
                                            in the massive shopping complex in
            GRAFTON: The historic Saraton                                      replacing the auditoriums with a
                                            this Newcastle suburb. This may put
          Theatre re-opened with the latest in                                 modern 38-storey office tower.
                                            the future of the existing Hoyts
          comfort and Christie 2200 digital
                                            complex under threat.
          projectors on Thursday 2nd September.
          The multi-million dollar upgrade took   NEWCASTLE: Developers have
          2½ years and also involved the building  pulled out of their plan to redevelop the
          of two small additional auditoriums  Showcase Cinemas (former Lyric).
          adjacent to the beautiful 1926 heritage  Exhibitors, Theo and Margaret Goumas
          auditorium.                       were forced to close the complex in
                                            2008 and the fittings and equipment
                                            were sold off, leaving the empty
                                            building vacant ever since.
                                               PADDINGTON: The Academy
                                            Twin closed its doors on Sunday June
                                            27th after rent increase negotiations
                                            between Palace Cinemas and the
                                            building’s Greek owners fell through.
                                            A $1million upgrade of seating and
                                            projection equipment was also needed
                                            in the twin which opened in 1973 in the
                                            shell of the giant West’s Olympia.

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