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CAIRNS: Over 10 years after        GERALDINE: Operation of this       TE AWAMUTA: Congratulations
          closure, the Coral Twin Drive-In  much loved (1924) cinema has changed  to Allan Webb at the Regent 5
          Theatre has had one last night of glory  hands with Barry and Anthea  Cinemas who after a long wait and
          before the site is cleared to make way  McLauchlan retiring 40 years after re-  much planning, went 3D with Street
          for a 520-unit housing development.  opening it in August 1970. Two of the  Dance 3D in June.
          Prompted by an internet campaign to  cinema’s most regular patrons have  LEVIN: The recently closed
          re-open the theatre, a local organisation  purchased the business.   3-screen cinema complex is due to re-
          arranged for a one-night-only charity                                open on October 1st after a $1million
          event on August 28. In a state of                                    upgrade and renovation. A café/bar and
          dereliction, the original café/bio-box                               restaurant will also be added.
          was cordoned off and replaced by food-
                                                                                  WELLINGTON: Reading 10
          vans and digital projection from the
                                                                               Cinemas at Courtenay Central has
          back of a truck. Only one field and
                                                                               installed a second 3D unit, making
          screen was used as the sold-out event
                                                                               them the only complex in the area to
          presented Pirates of the Caribbean and
                                                                               have two 3D cinemas.
          Dirty Dancing as the last two films to
                                                                                  TE PUKE: The independently
          ever grace the Coral’s giant screen.
                                                                               owned four-screen complex has added
            LONGREACH: The Star Cinema         MIRAMAR: Development of the
          went 3D in early September with the  Capitol Theatre as a twin is well  its second 3D screen after record
                                                                               business from first-release 3D product
          installation of a NEC Projector, GDC  underway and the opening date has  and a substantial return from Avatar.
          Server & Materimage 3D. The program  been set for 17th February 2011.
          to launch the upgrade to 3D was the                                     DUNEDIN: The Regent Theatre
          AVATAR-SE.                                                           has finally raised $2 million for its
                                                                               urgent redevelopment, thereby allowing
            LOWER WONGA: Plans to re-
                                                                               Dunedin City Council to commit its
          open the (1992) three-screen Wonga
                                                                               promised $4.8 million to the fund. The
          Drive-In Theatre near Gympie are
                                                                               theatre will close for tenth months from
          underway. New owners hope to have
          the drive-in open by December.
          NEW ZEALAND
            AUCKLAND: July 1st saw
          SkyCity rebranded Event Cinemas
          following the sale to Amalgamated
          Holdings. General Manager, Jane
                                               PARAPARAUMU: Readings
          Hastings says that by early next year all
                                            closed this location back in May with
          14 multiplexes will have 3D and all
                                            the venue reverting back to its owners,
          106 screens will be digital within three
                                            Coastlands. The 4 cinemas were
                                            stripped of all seating, equipment,
            DEVONPORT: The old Victoria                                        Newsreel Contributor:
                                            screens and curtains.
          Theatre will re-open on October 26                                   With thanks to: David Lascelles; Colin
                                               HAMILTON: The 60-seat art-house
          with plans to offer patrons the best in                              Flint; Brian Hunt; Ross King; Kevin
                                            Victoria Cinema that opened in 2002 is
          cinema luxury. The Victoria Picture                                  Adams; Ian Hanson and many others for
                                            now for sale as a going concern.
          Palace will be managed by John                                       news and pics.
          Davies of Auckland’s Academy         TE RAPA: Six screens to open in  * Send your NEWS snippets to the Editor at:
          Cinema and will be a three-screen  2011 will be the last of the big
          venue seating a total of 320.     developments. Originally a Berkeley
                                            Cinema Group project, it has now been
                                            rolled over to Hoyts.

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