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The whole theatre complex was      The original sound system was      Films such as Mick Jagger’s
          incredibly well designed and thought  installed by GUO (NTS) and consisted  Performance, Death in Venice and
          out. The theatre was at the rear of a  of valve amplifiers.          others such as Ludwig — The Mad
          new arcade and one went down a few   At the far end was a desk where the  King of Bavaria, etc. Other times there
          steps to the ticket box on a mid level.  projectionist sat with a port hole  might be the original Planet of the
          You then proceeded down a set of  directly in front so the projectionist  Apes, followed by Return to the Planet
          stairs, or via a lift to the foyer which  could have a clear view of the screen.  of the Apes. There was an amazing
          was below ground level. The foyer was  All in all it was a very easy, well  variety catering to all tastes.
          incredibly bright with purple and  designed and wonderful bio-box in    These late shows were always well
          yellow walls and bright red large  which to work.                    attended and incredibly enjoyable.
          plastic seats.
                                               The Trak soon gained a reputation
            The candy bar was at the far end  for being innovative in its programming
          with a smaller circular bar (used during  and was the very first modern cinema
          functions) at the other. One then  to introduce regular “Late Shows”
          entered the theatre via a tunnel which  which were held every Friday evening
          ran on either side of the auditorium.  commencing at 11.15pm. At these late
            Situated behind the ticket box was  shows, Melbourne was introduced to
          the Manager’s office and the bio-box  many foreign or alternative films —
          was further down a few more stairs.  perhaps making the Trak the first Art-
            Entering the bio-box you went   House cinema.
          through the “rectifier room”, then into
          the “rewind room” and further beyond                                                            1970’s
          was the rather long and comfortably
          large projection room. At the far end of
          the bio-box was a smallish kitchen area
          which housed a small fridge and coffee
          and tea making facilities.
            Going through the far bio-box door
          you went through a passageway which
          swung around leading to the
          projectionist’s bathroom incorporating a
          shower, hand basin and toilet. Perfect
          for long shifts!
            The projection room had two
          Cinemeccanica Victoria 8 (35/70mm)
          projectors plus a Bauer Selecton
          (16mm) projector along with a carbon
          arc slide projector.

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