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•• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •••••  ST.KILDA EAST: In early
                                              CINEMA, THEATRE &
              NEWSREEL                       SHOWBUSINESS NEWS             •••••  December, a thief took their cinema
                                                                               enthusiasm to an extreme when they
          • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• •• •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• •• ••  souvenired the front door handle of the
                                                                               historic Astor Theatre. A reward was
                                                                               offered for information leading to the
                                                                               return of the 1936 artefact.
                                                                                  WANGARATTA: The former
                                                                               (1958) Skyline Drive-In Theatre
                                                                               property is currently being offered for
                                                                               sale for industrial use. The 13.5 acre
                                                                               site has been used as a scrap/yard/
                                                                               recycling centre since 1999 and now
                                                                               houses a number of large industrial

          VICTORIA                             GEELONG: The former (1924)
                                            Regent Theatre building has recently
            BRUNSICK: The (1911) Lyric      been on the property market. Currently
          Theatre building was de-roofed in  leased as retail space, the site is also
          December as work gets underway to  offered with vacant possession from  NEW SOUTH WALES
          convert the former auditorium area into  June 2011 with the current tenant, The
          modern apartments. For the first time in  Reject Shop — on short-term lease.  BIRMINGHAM GARDENS: The
          years, the original (single) projection                              single screen (1931) Regal Cinema in
          port and equipment for opening the                                   suburban Newcastle has received a
          “sliding roof” were visible.                                         financial lifeline that could see it re-
                                                                               open in 2011. The NSW Government
            FOREST HILL: Hoyts re-opened
                                                                               will provide funding of $141,700 under
          their (1989) cinema complex on
                                                                               their Community Building Partnership
          December 15 after extensive
                                                                               programme. The Council of the City of
          refurbishment. Closed since July, the
                                                                               Newcastle endorsed the re-opening of
          revitalised cinemas now offer stylish
                                                                               the cinema at their meeting soon after
          interiors, plush seating with increased
                                                                               the funding announcement. Newcastle
          leg-room and digital projection.
                                                                               City Council owns the building, which
                                                                               ceased trading as a cinema in October
                                               ST.KILDA: The historic (1927)   2006.
                                            Palais Theatre is to receive a
                                                                                  DOUBLE BAY: Plans have now
                                            $2.5million State Government grant to
                                                                               been approved for a 150-seat rooftop
                                            enable roof repairs and upgrading of
                                                                               cinema with a retractable roof to enable
                                            fire, electrical and stage equipment.
                                                                               it to operate either open-air or enclosed.
                                               MALVERN EAST: A three-          Patrons will listen to the film
                                            bedroom split-level apartment built  soundtrack through headphones. The
                                            within the shell of the former (1938)  project is contingent on finding an
                                            Waverley Theatre is currently on the  operator with hope that it could open
            CHARLTON: Drought in Victoria’s  market with an asking price of    by spring 2011. The site is close to the
          dry Mallee region came to an abrupt  $515,000.                       vacant Village Twin Cinema which
          end in September. Massive rainfalls  As the “La Luna” complex of     has been closed since 2004.
          caused major flooding to 80% of the  shops and cafes with apartments above,  GUNDAGAI: The historic
          town, even making its way into the  little of the art-deco theatre survived,  Gundagai Theatre has been offered
          historic (1938) Rex Theatre. Only  apart from the auditorium shell and its  for sale with an asking price of
         minor damage was caused and weekend  distinctive streamlined façade.  $665,000. The building consists of two
         screenings have resumed.              ST.KILDA: After 16 years of     main street shop fronts, a huge flat-
            SORRENTO: The (1894)            trading, Palace closed their George  floored auditorium with stage, upstairs
         Athenaeum Theatre has been added to  Cinemas in Fitzroy Street on October 27,  foyer and roof garden, balcony seating
         the Victorian Heritage Register. A  2010. The complex opened in 1994 and  for 180 people, rear Masonic Temple
         worthy entry after nearly a century of  the owner is now hoping to find a new  and a large storage area.
         cinema in the seaside town.        lessee to re-open the four-screen site.

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