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This silver curtain consisted of  by 17 feet high. There were also side
          hundreds of thousands of tiny stainless  “wings” which were used for storage.
          steel squares sewn together - similar to  Another interesting feature was the
          “glow mesh” fabric. It weighed three  Audience Participation (AP) speakers
          tones and was so heavy that when it  which were circular protrusions jutting
          opened or closed, it was more like two  out from the wall.
          doors opening. When images were
          projected onto this spectacular curtain,
          it “shimmered” and often times, some
          projectionists would leave it closed on
          the opening credits of particular films,
          the effect was always special.
            There was also a coloured oil
          wheel located on the front of the slide
          projector for pre-show and during
          intervals; this was shone onto the
                                            Above: R.H.Kirby (Chairman of Village
          curtain and created a wonderful
                                            Theatres), W.R.Spencer (Managing Director
          coloured whirling effect.
                                            of Village) and I.M Cook (Managing
            The screen was slightly curved and  Director of Clifford Theatre Circuit) at the
          incredibly large - approx. 40 feet wide  opening night.

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