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WARRAWONG: Sign of the times?      MOSMAN: Amalgamated Holdings
          On the exterior of Hoyts Cinemas.  closed their (1988) twin-screen Greater
                                            Union Cinemas on January 26th due to
                                            falling ticket sales. The company feels
                                            that cinemas now need the foot-traffic
                                            of a shopping complex to remain viable
                                            and the Mosman location would now be
                                            redeveloped into a residential and retail
                                            use – without cinemas. The company is
                                            also working on similar plans for their
                                            closed Village Twin at Double Bay.
            BEGA: The Shire Council has                                             Fourth screen
          sought expert advice on finding a                           Mosman
          suitable location to establish a multi-                                      for Lunar
          purpose performing arts centre for the
          region. The Town Hall; Bega
          Showground Pavilion and the former                                        creen number four at the Lunar
          (1938) Kings Theatre have been                                        S Drive-in Theatre at Dandenong
          suggested options with the rejuvenation                                opened on December 27, 2010
          of the purpose-built King’s being the                                  making it Australia’s first to have
          most popular.                                                          four screens.
                                               ST. PETERS: Redevelopment of        The new screen is in the style of
                                            the former St. Peters Theatre is well  many drive-ins in the USA that have
                                            advanced. Whilst the façade has been  added them in recent years. Smaller
                                            retained, the auditorium area is being  than the existing three, it is just over
                                            replaced by a new apartment block.   40ft wide.
                                                                                   Field Four holds 70 cars at
                                                                                 capacity and has reached that on
                                                                                 about a dozen occasions since its
                                                                                 opening. The area utilised is a
                                                                                 previously unused portion of the 17
                                                                                 acre site. The location of the main
            PETERSHAM: The old Odeon                                             exit road dictated the size of the
          Theatre (former Majestic) is currently                                 new field and screen. Total site
          being converted into luxury apartments.                                capacity is now just under 1,000
          The interior of the theatre has now been                               cars.
          gutted.                                                                  Sound is broadcast via a Bay City
                                               CESSNOCK: Vandals caused
                                                                                 Broadcast Engineering low power
                                            $75,000 of damage to the Cessnock
                                                                                 FM transmitter. The 35mm projector
                                            Cinema 3 during a School Holiday
                                                                                 is a Kinoton FP 30 and the platter is
                                            spree earlier this year. Seats were
                                                                                 a Kinoton ST 200. The 5,000 watt
                                            slashed, ripped and their legs snapped
                                                                                 xenon lamp sits in a Kinoton
                                            and graffiti drawn on walls throughout
                                                                                 Universal lamphouse and is powered
                                            the building.
                                                                                 by an Ushio Xebex rectifier.
                                            VICTORIA                               The addition of extra screens is
                                                                                 vitally important today in order to
                                               SOUTH YARRA: Palace Cinemas       comply with film company contracts
                                            have started work on two new         and keep a supply of current release
                                            additional screens at their Como     films on screen.
                                            Cinemas. Both auditoriums will be
                                                                                 Report and Photos by David Kilderry.
                                            Digital only with 2K DCI equipment.
                                               CASTLEMAINE: The historic
                                            Theatre Royal at has been offered for
                                            sale with “expressions of interest”
                                            closing on May 6th. The original iron
                                            roof of the auditorium has been
                                            replaced recently and the premises has
                                            a 1am liquor licence as it is used for
                                            cabaret and live performances as well
          (Petersham photos by Ken Taylor.)
                                            as cinema.

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