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The Movie Wonderland

                                                    of a Murray River Town

                                                                     By Gerry Kennedy

          MILDURA – VICTORIA:                   n February 16th 1923 Alex
          PARAMOUNT / WONDERLAND (Indoor) OThompson, a Mildura business
          ASTOR.                            man, applied to the Victorian Health
          Owners:   Paramount / Wonderland –   Department (HD) for a permit to build
                    Alex Thomson & Mildura   a picture theatre at 22 Langtree Avenue
                    Amusement Coy. Ltd;     on behalf of The Mildura Amusement
                    Wonderland –            Company Ltd.
                    M.C. Symonds Attractions;  The Company letterhead also
                    Astor  –                included the Wonderland (Open-Air)
                    Thos. H. Houghton Circuit.  at 21-23 Langtree Avenue, and the
                    Waterman Bros.          Olympia (hard-top) at 50-58 Orange    Revised plans were approved on the
                                            Avenue.                            10th of June 1924 for the construction
                    Pioneer Theatres (Hoyts
                    Theatres – South Aust).    Subsequently sketch plans were  of a single-level theatre, which was
                                            submitted to the HD on March 9th   built and opened in 1925 named the
          Architects: Paramount -
                    Alex Thompson (Mildura);  1923 that included, in the building  Paramount. However, by September
                                            proposal, a two-level auditorium   16th 1925 the theatre was being called
                    Astor – Cowper, Murphy   seating 1511 (stalls 1067 and balcony  the Wonderland.
                    and Appleford;
                                            444), a downstairs projection booth, a  In further correspondence to the HD
          Builders:  Paramount:
                                            shop on each side of the frontage and  (5 October 1927) the circuit letter also
                    Astor: L Manniche.      toilets at the rear of the building.   included the Majestic Theatre - this
          Opened:   Paramount / Wonderland  A small stage and two dressing rooms  was likely to have been the renamed
                    1925;                   were included.                     Olympia.
                    Astor 20 April, 1937.
          Closed:   24 June,1967.
                                                                               ABOVE: Wonderland Open-Air Theatre.
                                                                               LEFT: Wonderland Theatre (Hard-Top).
                                                                               BELOW: The Olympia Theatre/Dance

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