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SOUTH AUSTRALIA                      AYR: The (1909) Burdekin Delta
                                            Cinemas celebrated their birthday in
            WALKERVILLE: Pictures return    December with a full week prizes,
          to the Town Hall Theatre on May 25  give-aways and $9 movies for patrons.
          and 28 when the Historical Society and
          Library will hold two special screenings
          to commemorate History Month. The
          building served as the local picture-
          theatre from 1910 until the mid 1970s.
            RICHMOND: An auction of The
          Soldiers Memorial Hall (RSL) in
          South Road, Marleston on February 25,
          2011 saw the former picture-theatre
          passed in with no bids. The building
          which has long been in use as an
          assembly-hall and clubrooms was
          offered for sale at the starting price of
                                               TOWNSVILLE: In February, the
            WOODVILLE: After its recent     Warrina Cineplex found itself at the
          $3.3million upgrade, the Woodville  centre of attention over a claim of
          Town Hall Theatre will revive its  discrimination regarding their strict
          cinematic days when Charles Sturt  dress-code for patrons. Local media
          Council starts running Sunday matinee  reported on a male patron who was
          screenings in August.             refused entry for wearing a singlet
                                            without a shirt, whilst three female
                                            patrons, including his partner were   MIRIMAR: The new two-screen
                                            admitted in the same attire. The cinema  luxury Roxy cinema centre, was
                                            advertises Gents no sleeveless shirts/  launched with a black-tie VIP event on
                                            singlets please, and disputes the  March 30 with public screenings
                                            discrimination claim citing: It’s part of  beginning on April 7.
                                            our dress standard…  It doesn’t apply  Both cinemas are state-of-the-art in
                                            to women because for them it’s a top.  every way with Cinema 1 (upstairs)
          QUEENSLAND                                                           seating 164 patrons and utilising digital
                                                                               2K projection as well as 35mm Kineton
            BRISBANE: Theatres were not                                        projectors and HDMP2. Cinema 2
          exempt from the carnage of February’s                                seating just 55 has digital 2K projection
          Cyclone Yasi with flood waters finding                               and HDMP2. The restaurant, bar,
          their way into a number of venues –                                  cinemas and café venue are in the Art
          including the Queensland Performing                                  Deco style and were constructed for $7
          Arts Centre.                                                         million on the site of the (1929-64)
                                                                               Capitol Theatre.
            AYR: For a second time since
          October last year, wild winds from                                      NAPIER: The 338-seat Century
          Cyclone Yasi also severely damaged the                               has closed for two years as the Museum
          screen of the Stardust Drive-In                                      and Art Gallery under goes
          Theatre.                                                             redevelopment.
            The drive-in remains closed whilst                                    LEVIN: The refurbished Focal
          the owner negotiates with insurers and  BRISBANE: After spending $14  Point Cinema has retained the big
          builders for its reconstruction which is  million converting the former Greater  number-one cinema and ramped the
          now underway. In the interim, the  Union Forum Cinemas into a three-  floor to cinemas 2 and 3. Cinema 1 has
          indoor Galaxy Cinema located within  level Borders Book Store in 2002, new  a new digital projector and a 12-metre
          the drive-in grounds has re-opened.   tenants have been sought to replace the  wide screen and is entered by stairs
          (An article on the Stardust will appear in  vacated business. REDgroup, the parent  from the old foyer. Screens 2 and 3 still
          the next edition of CinemaRecord).                                   use film and platters but also have
                                            company of Borders and Angus &
                                            Robertson, was under an administrator  digital projectors and are entered from
                                            from February.                     a new large café.

                                            NEW ZEALAND                        News Items and photographs contributed by:
                                                                               David Lascelles; Colin Flint; Roderick Smith;
                                               BROOKLYN: The Penthouse         Steve Maggs; Frank Jerkic; Tony Froude; Kevin
                                            Cinema completed installation of HD  Adams; Ross King; Craig Cahill; Ken Taylor;
                                            in all its five cinemas at the end of  Gerry Kennedy, Mike Trickett, John Coleman,
                                            November.                          Bill Gray and many others.

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