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ildura is a mid-sized regional     By Gerry Kennedy             After the 1971 closure of Hoyts Ozone
              Mcity situated 557 kms. North-                                        Theatre in Langtree Avenue, Century
              West of Melbourne on the Victorian /                                  Cinemas screened (1973–75) a few
              NSW state border. The general area can                                nights a week in the  Mildura Arts
              be best described as a light desert.  On 25 October, 1973 Century Cinemas   Centre located at 199 Cureton Street.
                                                 Pty. Ltd. lodged an application with
              Dating from the late 19  century   the  Victorian Health Department
              this Murray River city grew with the   (HD) to build a new cinema at 93-
              development of the Sunraysua Irrigation   95 Deakin Ave. Mildura.  A Mr. E.E.
              Area. Mildura and district had a rich   Andriske was the Chairman of the
              history of outdoor, hardtop and drive-in   Company, which was associated with
              theatres with Hoyts Theatres Ltd being the   the Mildura  Crossroads Drive-In
              principal exhibitor around the Sunraysia   Theatre.  This was the South Mildura
              district from 1951 until the late 1960’s.  Development Company Pty. Ltd.  The
                                                 Company also had drive-in and hardtop
              At the time that the new Cinema Deakin   theatre interests in Dubbo (NSW).
              was being planned, films were screened                                  Mildura Arts Centre.
              at two drive-in theatres;  Hoyts 16    At the time Mildura was the only
              Street and the independent Crossroads,   large  Victorian  provincial  city  The large number of “walk-in” patrons
              as well as at the Mildura Arts Centre.   without a permanent hardtop cinema.
                                                                                    at the 15  Street  Crossroads Drive-
                                                                                    In (and their frequent misbehavior)
                                                                                    encouraged the directors to build a
                                                                                    new hardtop cinema in the city centre.

                                                                                    The plans were approved in 1974 and
                                                                                    construction subsequently took place
                                                                                    on the site of a former printing works.
                                                                                    The cinema was constructed in steel,
                                                                                    concrete and brick and included a shop
                                                                                    on the right hand side of the frontage.

                                                                                    The auditorium had a single raked floor
                                                                                    and the building featured beige coloured
                                                                                    bricks with an arched fronted verandah.

                                                                                    The 400 lounge-seats were sourced
                                                                                    from the local closed  Ozone Theatre
                                                                                    along with other  fitments - such as
                                                                                    curtains, tracks and motors. The interior
                                                                                    appointments were typical of the time
                                                                                    and relied on earthy-coloured tonings
                                                                                    and stained natural timbers.   The screen
                                                                                    curtains were burnt orange in colour.
                                                                                    The projection room was equipped
                                                                           1970s    with C&W (Model G) projectors using
                                                                                                  Perth Metro (interior)
                                                                                    2000ft reels. The project cost $200.000.

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