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In June 1938 “Hammer Steam Radiators”
              were installed in the foyers and auditorium.   Western Suburbs Cinemas - Dinner for theatre managers in October, 1944.
              Not being air-conditioned, the theatre also
              had roller shutter outlets on the exterior   Television and its effect on so many
              walls. In summer, these shutters were   theatres caught up with the  Civic,
              rolled open to allow air from the auditorium   and it was announced that the theatre
              to pass out through the grill panels, and also   would close on January 21, 1967.
              let cool air be drawn inside.      However in March the license was
                                                 renewed for another year, but the
              In March 1944 the  film industry was   theatre remained dark.
              taken by surprise by the announcement
              that Hoyts  Theatres had bought into   In February 1968, the licence  finally
              Western Suburbs Cinemas, ultimately   expired and most of the seating was
              giving Hoyts control of their circuit of   removed - as well as the stage curtains,
              23 theatres – including the Civic.   screen and equipment.  The theatre was   1960s.
                                                 then put up for sale.
              In March 1947, a new “Brakelite” screen                               On August 26, 1970 it was reported that
              was installed in the Civic, and in October                            the building was now owned by Stocks
              of that year I personally visited the                                 and Holdings Ltd.
              theatre for the first time… and I recall
              being very impressed!
                                                                                    And so, the once beautiful  Civic
                                                                                    Theatre was soon demolished and
              The coming of CinemaScope saw the Civic                               there now stands in its place, just
              installing a new screen once more - one                               another non-descript office building.  +
              capable of running films in all of the new
              screen ratios. All of the projection ports had                        References:
              to be enlarged as well, and the Civic was also                        Chief Secretary’s reports; Cumberland Argus;
              one of the lucky theatres to have genuine                             Film Weekly: The Biz. Photographs from the
              4-track magnetic stereo sound installed.                              collections of: William Gray, Kevin Adams
                                                                                    and Ian Hanson.


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