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In 1934, Western Suburbs Cinemas
               purchased a two-manual, thirteen-
               rank organ for their new Civic
               Theatre at Auburn.

               This instrument had previously
               been installed for demonstration
               purposes in the home of Wurlitzer’s
               Australian agent, where it had
               comprised ten ranks. A further three
               ranks were added for its new role in
               the cinema. In 1958 the Wurlitzer
               was purchased by  TOSA pioneer
               and keen organ enthusiast, John
               Clancy for his new residence.

              In January 1936 it was reported by a   If the management were lucky, ucky,
                                                                      h the
              police inspection, that the seating had   they could get away with the                       Collectable
              been altered to 2303 and a letter of   practice, but sometimes they                        Badges. 1930s.
              explanation was requested by the Chief   may have forgotten that smart
              Secretary's Department.            policemen also attend the movies!
                                                 Many a theatre was reported to the d  h
              In February police again reported that   Chief Secretary’s Department for having
              the seating had been reduced to 2277,   additional seats, and even some drive-
              they also noted that extra seats were   ins were found to have extra speaker
              being placed in the passageway of the   posts in later years.
              dress-circle on Saturday nights. Mr.
              Bezant received a letter from the police   After a May 1937 matinee, a
              warning him of no further breaches!  fire broke out on the stage of the
                                                 Civic when a “Metaline” curtain
              Such discrepancies in the number of   made contact with an incandescent
              seats in theatres were common practice   electric lamp.  An examination by
              in the heyday of the single screen   an inspector found that the original
              theatres. Usually on Friday and Saturday   electrical installation was faulty and   1960s.
              nights it was a “House Full” for most of   would have to be redone.
              them, so management found it hard to
              resist adding a few chairs somewhere                                                            1947.
              in the auditorium.

              They may have been single kitchen type
              seats or a better way was to have a row
              of theatre chairs mounted on battens
              which could be pushed into the wider
              passageways of the auditorium, much
              the same way as theatre chairs could be
              pushed out of the way in country halls
              for dances etc.

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