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Plaza Theatre auditorium, c. 1920
        According  to  his  diary,  the  two  Simplex  Case of the Black Parrot. Mr. Jack Costa was  other. Both theatres had large stages, scenery
        projectors were relocated to Colac on 1 May  the projectionist.         flying  facilities  and  dressing  rooms.  By  the
        1940.                                                                   early 1960s, the Geelong Theatre had ceased
                                            The family operated the cinema successfully  being  available  as  a  live  venue,  possibly
        For the next seven years, the hall was used for  until  1959,  when  it  was  rumoured  that  the  because  of  the  disruption  to  regular  film
        live performances only, until Geelong's Costa  local Regent and Geelong Theatres paid for  exhibition. Until 1978, the Plaza became the
        Family commenced regular cinema operations  the Plaza to cease film screenings. However,  permanent  home  for  the  Geelong  Musical
        using  a  pair  of  Raycophone  projectors.  The  the venue continued to operate as one of only  Comedy  Company  and,  in  later  years,  the
        first program took place on 26 January 1946,  two  venues  suitable  for  local  and  touring  Geelong Gilbert & Sullivan Society as well as
        with The Adventures of Robin Hood and The  companies,  the  Geelong  Theatre  being  the  hosting  touring  companies  such  as  the
                                                                                     Melbourne  Symphony  Orchestra,
                                                                                     Winifred Atwell, Rock Concerts and
                                                                                     Jazz Festivals.
                                                                                     When  compared  with  the  technical
                                                                                     facilities available at GPAC, those at
                                                                                     the  Plaza  Theatre  were  extremely
                                                                                     primitive.  Stage  lighting  equipment
                                                                                     was  minimal,  consisting  of  three
                                                                                     overhead  troughs  and  a  row  of
                                                                                     footlights, each wired with circuits of
                                                                                     red,  white  and  blue  lamps.  Floor
                                                                                     standing  floodlights  in  the  wings  on
                                                                                     each side were connected to outlets in
                                                                                     floor traps, with cables trailing across
                                                                                     the  stage  floor,  creating  a  tripping
                                                                                     hazard  for  cast  members  and  stage
                                                                                     Lighting  in  the  auditorium  consisted
                                                                                     of  four  ineffective  incandescent
                                                                                     spotlights  mounted  high  on  the  wall
                                                                                     above  each  end  of  the  balcony  rail.
                                                                                     Three  carbon  arc  follow  spotlights
                                                                                     were located in the former projection
                                                            The GPAC Drama Theatre   room.

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