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Capitol House had a Swanston Street frontage  lights.  The  colour  scheme
        of 86 feet (26.2 metres) and a depth to Howey  consists  of  ivory  for  the
        Place of 224 feet (68.3 metres). The entrance  various  ceilings,  sandstone
        to the theatre was 30 feet wide (9.1 metres).  for  the  walls,  pillars  and
        The  façade  of  the  building  also  featured  a  stairways and bronze for the
        25 ton cantilevered concrete canopy.  metal work and railings. The
                                            original  curtain  was  burnt
        The  grand  opening  was  held  on  Friday  orange  with  a  fringe  in
        evening, 7 November 1924 and opened to the  emerald green and black.
        general  public  the  following  day.  The  Ten
        Commandments was the opening attraction. It  The Griffins designed all the
        was not expected to have a long run, but the  light  fittings  and  carpet
        season  continued  until  20  March  1925.  The  throughout the theatre. The
        theatre seated 2137, which comprised 1306 in  carpet  was  in  tones  of
        the stalls and 831 in the balcony. During the  orange  and  apricot,  with
        1930's this was reduced a little to 2115.  arrowheads  in  black  and
                                            green. The light standards in
        The opening of the Capitol was not covered  the  foyers  had  rods  of  cast
        by  the  architectural  press  except  for  the  iron  and  the  shades  were
        Australian  Home  Builder  (Nov  1924,  Pages  made  of  plaster  and  glass.
        61-2).                              The  art  deco  light  fixtures
                                            were composed of triangular
        The  theatre  entrance  contained  ticket  boxes  panels  of  coloured  leaded
        decorated  in  cubes  and  squares  of  bronze  glass which were held in a
        plaster and metal which formed frames for the  geometric ribbed wood and
        large  sheets  of  grained  glass  that  form  the  plaster framework.
        walls of the ticket boxes. A glass chandelier
        was suspended from the roof above the central  A description of the Capitol
        box  office.  The  foyer  has  multi-sided  was  featured  in  the  1934
        sandstone  pillars  with  the  tops  and  bases  publication  by  Paramount
        relieved by broad dual shoulders in brown and  Pictures  for  the  tenth
        bronze. Let into the faces of these pillars are  anniversary,  which  was  The Capitol, shortly before opening night 1924
        risen  squares  of  plaster,  with  the  spaces  titled   "The   Theatre
        between the squares decorated in gold leaf. ln  Magnificent ".          was   later   painted   white   with   gold
        the auditorium, the ceiling rises to a height of                        ornamentation.  Ian  Davies  was  the  last
        80 feet (24.4 metres) above the stalls. The side  The Wurlitzer organ was the largest to come  resident  organist  from  1953  until  1958.
        walls  are  buttressed  by  arrays  of  square  cut  to Australia at the time and was a style 260  Horace Weber returned for a final recital on
        supports and, above these, the walls break into  with 3 manuals and 15 ranks. Horace Weber  17 November 1963. The Victorian Division of
        the ceiling in cubes, triangles and stalactites of  played  the  instrument  on  opening  night.  the  Theatre  Organ  Society  of  Australia
        fretted plaster. The ceiling has serrated lines  Originally on a hoist, it was moved to a fixed  purchased the organ for £1250 in 1963 and it
        of  fretted  plaster,  broken  into  little  cubicles  position to the left of the stage in the 1940's.  was  later  installed  in  the  Dendy  Theatre
        through  which  shine  a  series  of  coloured  The  console  was  in  stained  woodwork,  but  Brighton, where it remains to this day.

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