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                                                                                                                                                    by Graeme McBain

            ocated  at  109-117  Swanston  Street,  the  Griffin  (1876-1937)  won  an  international  132 feet (40.2 metres) which was permitted at
        Lsite  was  purchased  in  1921  by  Antony  competition  for  the  design  of  Canberra  in  the time. The architects were Walter Burley
        Lucas, Herman Phillips and Raynes Dickson  1912 and came to Australia in April 1914. He  Griffin  and  his  wife  Marion,  in  association
        who were all businessmen. Antony Lucas was  rented an office on the 7th floor at 395 Collins  with the firm of Peck and Kempter. Little is
        born Antonios Lekatsas in Greece in 1862 and  Street  in  about  1915.  Marion  Lucy  Mahony  known about these two gentlemen, but I did
        came  to  Australia  in  1886.  He  opened  the  (1871-1961) was the first woman to become a  manage  to  discover  their  full  names.  They
        Town Hall Cafe in 1894 and later the Paris  licensed  architect  in  the  US.  They  both  were Solon Alonzo Peck (1870 - 1930) and
        and Vienna Cafes. Lucas was instrumental in  worked  for  Frank  Lloyd  Wright  and  were  George Alfred Kempter (1887 - 1971).
        securing the services of Walter Burley Griffin  married in June 1911. Griffin wanted to be a
        who  had  already  done  some  architectural  landscape architect, but there was no tuition  The principal builder was John Monash and
        work for him.                       for  it  at  the  time  so  he  studied  architecture  the  Reinforced  Concrete  and  Monier  Pipe
                                            instead.                            Construction Company. Roy Lippincott also
                                                                                worked with Griffin and was the husband of
                                            The official plans for Capitol House and the  Griffin's sister Genevieve.
                                            theatre    were
                                            submitted    for
                                            approval on 21 Nov
                                            1921,  but  were  not
                                            approved until 9 Feb
                                            1923.  Eric  Milton
                                            Nicholls   (1902-
                                            1965)  commenced
                                            his   architectural
                                            career in Melbourne
                                            in   1916,   joined
                                            Griffin  in  1921  and
                                            continued  working
                                            for  him  until  1937.
                                            The   ten   storey
                                            building    was
                                            constructed  of  steel
                                            and    reinforced
                                            concrete,  rising  to
          Walter Burley Griffin and         the maximum height
                        Marion Mahony Griffin c. 1930.

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