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A Selection of Photographs from Membersfh  h f

               GLADESVILLE. NSW. Former Victory Theatre – empty ty
               after Freedom Furniture vacated. (2011- By Jon Fabian.)

               WEST WYALONG. NSW. Tivoli Theatre –late 70s as a ST  BROKEN HILL. NSW. Village Drive-In. The screen was n was
               supermarket, now demolished. (By Gordon Turnbull.)       face down in the dirt! (2010. By Brett Enright)

                                                                 ONE MILE. QLD. Former Avon Picture- Theatre – now
               SWANSEA. TAS. Regent Theatre – long returned to use as   O                              now
               the local public hall. (2010- By Brian Hunt.)      used as a Parish Hall. (Sept.2011- By Chris Hampton.)
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