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CINEMA AND              From the Editor…
                      THEATRE                   reatings readers! It is my sincere pleasure to bring you the fourth
                      C A   H S             Gand final edition of CinemaRecord Magazine for 2011.
                                            At this time, I would like thank the many people, past, present and
              HISTORICAL       SOCIETY      future - who have contributed so much time and work behind the
                    ESTABLISHED 1989        scenes to both CATHS and the production of this magazine.
                                            Amongst many others, their varied roles such as writing, reporting,
                                            photographing, formatting and proof-reading etc has enabled
                                            CinemaRecord to continue to evolve and grow into a widely-acclaimed tome in which to
                                            record our rich cinema and theatre history.
           The official journal of the Cinema And  My thanks also for the work done by the great team at Snap Printing – and to our digital re-
              Theatre Historical Society Inc.  formatter, Nick Pilgrim, who also created our snazzy “deco-inspired” cover.
                      Australia                                      A number of new regular catagories have been introduced from
            ISSN 1443-3664 • Published quarterly                     this edition which will give members the opportunity to share
                           +                                         their personal memories and photos through these pages.
                  Design and Layout by                               Memories left only in our heads, and photos left unseen in dusty
                 Editor - Kevin Adams                                albums, risk being lost forever unless they are brought-out and
                         +                                           shared. And who better to share such treasures with than a like-
                Digital Re-Formatting by                             minded group such as CATHS?
              Nick Pilgrim Graphic Design                            I urge you all to help keep the memories alive and look
                                        forward to your input in 2012.
             The main aim of CATHS and this                          Wishing you all a very Joyous Holiday Season – and much
            publication is to accurately document                    Happy Reading!
            and create an archive of the history of                                                  Kevin Adams.
           cinemas and theatres. Input in the form                                                         Editor.
            of articles, constructive criticism, and
            substantiated dispute of printed matter
                                                                                    elated thanks for CR#70. I liked the issue
           is welcome, and necessary to enable us                              Bvery much – as usual the photos were very
                  to reach our objective.                                      good and it is good to know that they were taken
             Opinions expressed are those of the                               whilst all those theatres were still around.
              Editor or contributors, and unless
            expressly stated so, are not necessarily  Letters                  The old cinemas meant a lot to us, but I suppose
              those of the Cinema And Theatre                                  in time, future generations will never know they
                                                                               even existed!
                 Historical Society Inc.
             Articles printed in CinemaRecord  ad to report the passing, earlier this year,   I had forgotten about Wests Theatre at Nowra
            should not be reproduced without the  Sof 96-year-old cinema pioneer and radio   – I sometimes go down there and visit Bob
            permission of the author or the editor.  enthusiast, Jim Davis of Latrobe (Tas).  Brainwood at the Roxy. Bob and I worked in the
            All photos are from the collection of  Jim was a projectionist for Star Theatres (Tas.)   Skyline Drive-Ins. He has established a number
           the person or organisation stated. Every  and spent time at their Devonport Star, and also   of cinemas within the walls of the old Roxy –
                                                                               and it is of great credit to him for his enterprise.
                                            the Capitol in Latrobe.
              effort has been made to trace the
           ownership of copyright. In the event of  He had many stories to tell – one was the time   Issue 71 was yet another good issue too. I
                                            they had a horror show, so one of the usherettes
            any questions arising as to the use of   was afraid to go home by herself, so “would Jim   particularly liked your article on the Brisbane
            any material, the author and publisher   take her home”?...  Jim loved to tell everyone that   Lyceum Theatre. What a historical house that
                                                                               has been! It would be a great pity if this theatre
             will be happy to make the necessary   he has been “taking her home ever since!”  disappears from the Brisbane scene.
               corrections in future printings.  Jim had a theatre built into his home which had
             Contributions and suggestions for  the best sound I had ever heard. Western-Electric   I admire the wonderful photographs and
             CinemaRecord are most welcome.   big speaker, C&W Senior Projectors and other   advertising blocks that you used to illustrate the
             Please contact the Editor if you are   old silent projectors.     story – congratulations on a fine work.
             planning to write an article for the   I myself, did do some time with Star Theatres –   What a magnificent series of pictures on the
           magazine. We may be able to assist you   good times – I wish they could come again!  demolition of the Ozone at Glenelg – doesnt
            with information, contacts, etc and it                   Ray Peck.   that pose the question: is any motion-picture
             will help us with forward planning.                Underwood, TAS.  theatre safe?       William Gray
                           +                                                                           North Parramatta.NSW.
                 Contact: Kevin Adams
                Telephone: 0409 946 066                                        Please send any letters or news snippets
            Email:                                    to the editor - your contribution will be
               Postal Address: PO Box 476,                                     most welcome and much appreciated.
                Bentleigh, Victoria, 3204
                                                                                 Cover Photo: Déjà vu? Brisbane Regent
                                                                                 - 1970s. (Demolished again in 2011)
                                              Jim Davis in 2010.
                                                                                 Photo by David Hunter.

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