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A large projection room (Sm x II m) has been built in front of the original facility, at the back of the old auditorium. This
             space extends across the full width of the fonner hall and has been designed to service two cine~nas.

                                             Arcade Entrance To Civic Theatre

             Technical Details
             An upgraded Cinemeccanica projector, with a Xenon lamp, has been mounted onto a Century pedestal.  A platter film
             transport system is used and the plant has been automated with a Pennywise Digital sound has been installed.  The screen
             is 2.8m x 7m and extends the full width of the cinema.

             The Civic Cinema operates on a multi movie, multi session policy and screens 4 days per week in off-seasons, and daily in
             the holiday seasons.  Special screenings are sometimes held on the off nights.
             The Current Management
             The current exhibitor is  Frank Strachan who came from  Cowra (NSW) to Goondiwindi in  1958.  Frank was a journalist
             who worked with the Rural Press in Central N.S.W; he was the editor of their "Land Newspaper".  In Goondiwindi Frank
             worked on the "Goondiwindi Argus".

             Photos:             Geny Kennedy Collection
             Acknowledgements:   Jnterview with Frank Strachan the current l.essor.
             References:   [I]   Film Weekly - Motion Picture Directoty 1945/46, 1955/56, 1962/63, 1968/69
                          [2]    Infonnation supplied by Frank Strachan.

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