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listed up to the late 1960's [I). The Civic theatre ceased screening in the late  1970's [2). The Watson interests also opened
              a Drive-in on the sou  them edge of the which screened untiJ June 1997[2].  This theatre is still standing intact.
              The Civic Cinema- The Second Phase

              The Town Hall was little used after the closure of the Civic Theatre. In  1997 Frank Strachan obtained a lease on the Town
              Hall and obtained approval to build a side by side twin cinema within the auditorium. As the building was heritage listed
              any conversion and construction works had to be undertaken within the confines of the auditorium, with minimal damage
              to the original building.

                                       The new cinema pod within the Civic auditorium
              The first cinema was cleverly constmcted on the right side of the former auditorium. A sloped floor was built on top of the
              old theatre floor.  The new cinema's walls, ceiling, projection room. screen and air conditioning ducts are all contained
              within the original auditorium space.  Viewed from lhe old auditorium the cinema component looks like a shipping container
              has been moved into the hall.

                                        Civic Auditorium with new cinema pod on right

              The construction ofthe second cinema has been deferred until public support j ustifies the expenditure.  In the meantime
              the space has been developed as an amusement centre.  A separate entrance to the centre was constructed so that the two
              groups of patrons did not mix, and to provide better control over the facilities.  A central kiosk has been built in the fonner
              foyer to service both entertainment components.  The kiosk also operates during the day to service a coffee shop which
              operates in the arcade entrance to the tl1eatre.
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