Page 2 - CinemaRecord Edition 3-2002 #37
P. 2

Melbourne Town Hall tower and the south side of Collins Street from the roof of Capitol House.The picture was taken by a
              tradesman working on the new building. The date is possibly mid 1924. The era of ‘Paramount Pictures Perfectly
              Presented’ at the Auditorium (top left) is almost over. Their prestige films will open and continue at the Capitol.
              Reader opinion may vary on exactly which buildings stand on the future Regent site. Hint: The dome on the covered
              walkway (bottom right) was Queens Walk, part of the huge Victoria Building. From Queens Walk imagine walking east
              (uphill). Next was the City Club Hotel, then the building that will be demolished to make way for Wentworth House and
              Hilliers, which faced the entrance to the Plaza across Regent Place.
              Credits: Photo courtesy of Ian Williams. Digital enhancement by Mike Trickett. Building identification by Frank van Straten
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