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                        THEATRE                                                expansion. Nothing stood out so he
                       C A  T  H S          Letters                            settled for the local recognition of the

                                                                               described the locality in 1954. The
                 HISTORICAL                SOCIETY                             name Croydon Village that aptly
                       VICTORIA  INC.
                                                                               group of shops on Whitehorse Road
                  ABN 37 195 378 179                                           had uniformly adopted the name - The
                    Reg A0020747R
                                                                               Village Baker, Village Hairdresser,
           The aims of CATHS are: to record the  Another Village               Village Milk Bar etc. The subsequent
           history of cinemas and theatres, and to  The excellent article by Gerry
           promote interest in theatre heritage and  Kennedy on the Village Toorak  use of Old English Script on the
           architecture, and other related areas.                              company logo, stationery and signage
                                            avoided the common mistake of linking
                       Patrons:             the theatre to the Kirby family and the  was also adopted from the style used on
           Frank Van Straten OAM  Peter Smith                                  the Croydon shops. I have this
           Elaine Marriner      Philip Brady  Village Theatres chain. Let me   explanation in a handwritten letter sent
                                            reinforce the lack of any connection
                     Committee:                                                to me by Roc in 1999.
                                            between the original Toorak theatre and
           President: Gerry Kennedy 5174 1870                                     Later, Village theatres built the
                                            the Kirby company.
           Vice President: Peter Wolfenden 9744 2570                           Trak on the site of the former Village
                                               When Roc Kirby was building his
           Secretary: Mike Trickett 5278 1986                                  Toorak and also took over the Plaza
                                            first drive in with Bill Spencer and Ted
           Treasurer: Barrie Wraith 9435 9785                                  Reservoir from Consolidated/Victoria
                                            Alexander at Croydon, Roc was
                         ★                                                     Theatres and renamed it Cinema
                                            looking for a name, something      North. This was in partnership with
           Archivist: Gerry Kennedy 5174 1870  impressive and one that suggested
           Central Victoria Co-ordinator:                                      Andrew Kelly who retired from Village
           Fred Page 5444 0428  (Bendigo)                                      two years ago.
           Gippsland Co-ordinator:                                                Hope this puts to rest the years of
           Gerry Kennedy 5174 1870  (Traralgon)                                guessing about a non-existent
           Events Co-ordinator:                                                connection.
           Brian Miller 9557 7446
           Film Buffs Group:                                                   David Kilderry, Reservoir
           Mike Trickett 5278 1986
           Publications Sales:
           Garry Saunders 9812 7227
           Membership Secretary: Peter O’Reilly
           CinemaRecord Editor:
           Ian Smith
           CATHS website:
           Postal address:
           PO Box 476, Bentleigh 3204.
           Annual membership subscription is $35,
           and members receive four copies of
           CinemaRecord, notification of events,
           and copies of the agenda and minutes
           of all meetings. There is no joining fee.
           Overseas subscribers: Please contact
           CATHS Membership Secretary for rate.
           Meetings are held on the last Sunday of
           February, April, June, August, October &
           November.                        Sketch of the interior of the Theatre Royal Camperdown by the architect Warburton
           Archive                          Pierre Knight. Image courtesy of Fed Page.
           The Archive is located in the Prahran
           Mechanics’ Institute, 140 High Street  Theatre Royal Celebrations.   films had a piano accompaniment.
           Prahran, 9510 3393. The Archive will
                                               The reference to the 75th        Some of the most popular films were
           be open between 9.30am and 1pm on
                                            anniversary celebrations at the Theatre  scenes of the town and its people in
           the Saturday before each meeting (see
                                            Royal Camperdown in the last issue  the twenties, fifties and sixties.
           above), and at other times by
                                            prompted me to write.                  The town is proud of their theatre.
           appointment with the archivist.
                                               About 250 people enjoyed the re-  The council has upgraded the balcony
                                            enactment of opening night. The local  seating and installed a new sound
           Back issues of CinemaRecord, other
           publications, CDs and videos are  Theatre Group members took the parts  system. The theatre screens on Fridays
           available at meetings. Items are also  of the mayor, architect and other  with occasional charity shows on a
           available by mail. Please contact Garry  dignitaries and reprised the speeches  Sunday.
           Saunders on 9812 7227 for details.  from 11 April 1928. The fire brigade  Ray Watson, Camperdown.
                                            band played stirringly and the silent
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