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          Sun Four Yarraville
            President Gerry Kennedy and
          Secretary Mike Trickett represented
          CATHS-V at the unveiling of the
          transformation of the Sun Yarraville
          into four cinemas. The reconstruction
          included re-casting plaster using the
          surviving wall and ceiling patterns as
          moulds. CinemaRecord congratulates
          Sun owner Mr. Michael Smith on his  The former Rex theatre in main street Daylesford.
          initiative. As The Age said - to have a
          restored, expanded and independent
          Art Deco cinema in Melbourne is a  Obstacle Removed                   it will be for future enthusiasts who
          rare event.                          The re-opening of the Warragul   take on the restoration of these
                                            Drive-In is a step closer. Venture  mechanical marvels if there was an
                                            partners Kevin Adams and Michael    accessible collection of the original (or
                                            Fear appealed a council decision not to  facsimile) technical manuals that went
                                            allow the drive in to re-open. The  with the machines. There would be no
                                            Victorian Civil And Appeals Tribunal  better place to hold such a collection
                                            upheld the appeal. The plan is to open a  than in the CATHS-V Archive.
                                            250 car facility in time for the       Members who wish to discuss
                                            September school holidays           this idea can contact me at home on
                                                                                (03) 9744 2570 or by e-mail at
          New Life For The Rex?             Closings                  
            The talk around Daylesford again   Cameo Belgrave on Saturday 23       Peter Wolfenden, Sunbury
          is that new owners of the former Rex  May 2003. The Ranges Trader Mail of 8
          Theatre intend to restore it as an all  April quoted Palace Cinemas General  Career Re-Direction
          purpose venue – films, live artists and  Manager Mr. Sam Dipetro as saying that  David Kilderry has resigned from
          community use – to run in much the  the decision to close was largely due to  his position as National Technical
          same way as the Theatre Royal     the competition from the new Knox and  Manager for Village Cinemas. In a
          Castlemaine. Nothing will change until  Fountain Gate cinemas. Mr. Dipetro  statement to CinemaRecord David said
          the current lease expires. Just when  said that earlier plans to re-develop the  that it was “time for me to go and help
          that will happen is apparently    site had met with objections and a three-  my brother in managing the Lunar
          commercially sensitive. Real Estate  screen cinema was not viable.    Drive-In at Dandenong.” As a staunch
          agents, the people one might expect to  Archive For Technical Manuals  CATHS-V member and industry
          know, are tight lipped.              The cinema industry has a rich   ‘insider’ David has always been
                                                                                prepared to assist our organization.
          Compromise                        legacy of mechanical and audio      (Think of last year’s get together at the
          Carlton Movie House               innovation. Our members include the  Rivoli.) David, we all wish you well
            Travel agency STA has announced  last generation who know this      with the new venture.
          its intention to restore the façade of the  equipment inside out. How much easier
          former Carlton Movie House. STA
          plans to be in the building by the end of
          the year. C.M.H. closed in June 1999.
          The long time owners, The Womens
          and Childrens Health Care Network
          sold the theatre the following year.
            Since the sale of the theatre the
          Carlton Residents Association has
          opposed any residential development
          of the site in the hope that the
          building might be retained as a
          community venue screening the
          occasional film. The outcome does
          not include that vision.

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