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A Long Reach                      Village Toorak Neon
            During a visit to Wyndam in the    The vertical neon on the Village
          Kimberley region of Western Australia  Toorak must have ranked with the star
          I visited the local museum. Among the  of the Astor East St. Kilda as the
          memorabilia on display I was intrigued  inventive neons of suburban cinemas.
          to see a complete C&W projector from  The bell at the top swung to the
          the town’s meat works cinema.     movement of the bell ringer’s arms.
            On this projector was an empty  (Memory is not perfect, but I think his
          Filmways can titled Mr. Magoo Fire  arms moved.) The bell and the man
          Chief copy A, W/S. A label on the tin  were in colour and the letters were
          indicated the destination of the film to  white.
          be Were St. Montmorency, a theatre  Don Kennedy, Port Melbourne
          that I had the pleasure of opening on  Mornington Cinema
          behalf of the local Rotary and Apex
                                               In CinemaRecord 39 the article on
          clubs at a time when I recall the Magoo
                                            the Lawrence Brothers mentions the
          cartoons were released by Columbia.
                                            cinema at Mornington twice - each time
            Also find enclosed the
                                            referring to it as the Plaza.
          projectionist’s running sheet, newsreel
                                            My recollection is that the theatre was
          content sheets, film pick-up and return
                                            named Matthew Flinders. Am I in
          instructions for the last nights at Hoyts
                                            error, or could it be that the brothers
          Cinema Richmond which may be of
                                            Lawrence purchased it as the Plaza,
          interest to members.
                                            and then changed its name?
          Malcolm Page, Hurstbridge Vic.
                                               Incidentally, the Peter Wallace
          [Thank you Malcolm. The running   mentioned as the manager/projectionist
          sheets are now in the Cinema      put in charge at Mornington by the
          Richmond file at the CATHS-V Archive.  Lawrence Brothers is actually Peter
          – Editor]                         Wallis.
                                               Peter and I received our training
          CATHS-V At The Rex Charlton
                                            together at the Argosy Murrumbeena.
            After a busy fortnight that included
                                            It was probably unusual for there to be
          a sound upgrade and culminated in a
                                            two trainee permits concurrently in
          Charity Night screening of High
                                            force for one suburban theatre. We sat
          Society on the Friday, it was great to
                                            for our licence exams at the same time,
          ‘unwind’ with even more friendly
                                            and received our licences together. Very
          CATHS-V members (some for the first
                                            soon Peter was snapped up by Alf
          time) over supper on Saturday.
                                            Lawrence, to take charge of their Verne
            I would like to take the opportunity -
                                            Theatre at East Malvern, set up not
          which I seemed to miss on the night –
                                            long after the end of World War II. I
          on behalf of Dennis and myself, to thank
                                            helped Peter with some changes to the
          CATHS-V for the generous support and
                                            equipment there.
          encouragement in helping us to maintain
                                            Ken Newell, East Bentleigh
          the Rex in the tradition that began with
          Joan and Geoffrey Edwards.        [You are correct Ken. The Lawrence  Magic Lantern
            It is always a pleasure to entertain  Bros did rename the theatre the
                                                                                  What a great photo of the Regent
          people who appreciate and understand a  Mathew Flinders. Also, a story on the  Collins Street biobox (CinemaRecord 39
          real picture theatre. We sincerely trust  Verne will run in the next issue. –  p32) and especially the German designed
          you all enjoyed your country weekend  Editor.]
                                                                               Bren-Kurt duo-slide projector. The
          away and look forward to your next
                                                                               Barkly Footscray had a similar model
                                                                               which I operated when I was an assistant
          Steve Walsh, Charlton
                                                                               projectionist there in the late forties.
          [The feeling is mutual Steve. You did us                                The top and bottom projectors were
                                             Echuca’s Paramount Theatres by
          proud. The cinema has a great feel and                               linked with a dissolve. The top unit
                                             Fred Page in CinemaRecord 36 p22
          we look forward to coming back. -                                    could be moved back and forward by
                                             referred to a Mr. William Richards
          Editor]                                                              turning the rack handle so that the
                                             and his open-air Tivoli pictures. A
          * Re-visit the Rex in Newsreel     grandson has informed the author  image appeared to move forward or
                                                                               recede to a small square (albeit with a
                                             that the correct name of the
                                                                               loss of focus). This meant that the
                                             entrepreneur was William Walter
                                                                               operator could jazz up the presentation
                                                                               of the Val Morgan advertising slides.
                                                                               Those were the days when presentation
                                                                               was king. Thanks for the memory.
                                                                               Jim White, Arawata (Vic.)
                                                                                       CINEMARECORD 2002     5
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