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Then and Now. At Corryong the C&W P6  Top: The Montreal at Tumut. The name is an anagram of its owner’s surname;
          units and at Merimbula the conjoined  Learmonth.
          Christie light source and Dolby sound  Above: The fabulous new curtain for the theatre.
          The rake for the stadium seating is  contract for the tour included a   The Yass Repertory Company fitted
          steep which allows a good view of a  condition that the curtain be destroyed  a small thrust stage in 1994, and their
          generous ‘Scope screen. The projector,  on completion of the season in  needs will be included in the restoration
          an Italian Fedi XRT (a budget machine  Australia. The management team  plan supervised by a very enthusiastic
          by Cinemeccanica )is ex the first  rescued the pieces and had them re-  project manager, Phil Hogan. As word
          Picture Show Man Cinema at        assembled to give the Montreal a   has spread, townspeople have begun to
          Merimbula. The sound system is    house curtain worthy of comparison  hand in memorabilia and photos of the
          Yamaha Dolby Pro Logic.           with the great curtains of the 1920s.  original foyers, which will assist the
                                                                               restoration. A history of the Liberty is
                                                                               in preparation for CinemaRecord.
            The story of the Montreal, Tumut is  In the opinion of Dr. Ross Thorne,
          on record (CR 23 ) but its on-going  architects Guy Crick and Bruce Furse  Kings, Bega
          success as a community theatre    produced Australia’s two best theatres  In one of those moments of
          deserves an update. With a volunteer  in the Moderne style; Wests Adelaide  serendipity, a quick look inside the
          team, the mix of live productions and  and the Minerva Sydney. Their  former Kings, now a furniture shop,
          cinema now generates revenues for  Liberty, Yass (1939 – 1973) was not in  became an enthusiastic discussion about
          other community projects.  The way the  that class, but any of their work holds  theatre preservation, first with Ursula,
          theatre acquired its new curtain shows  the attention.               the lady in the shop then with the
          the enterprise of the management group.   The building is now owned by local  President of The Friends of the Kings.
            The curtain, midnight –blue     business couple  Touie and Denise     This group also has a vision to
          velveteen with appliqué arabesques,  Smith who have set themselves an 18-  restore a distinctive theatre, designed
          was salvaged from the Disney stage  month timetable to restore it as a  by Kaberry and Chard, which bears no
          version of Beauty and the Beast. The  community theatre.             resemblance to their Montreal at

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