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Other theatres in Launceston which
          have disappeared over the years include
          the Plaza (George Street) and the Tatler
          which later became Cinema One in St
          John Street. Cinema One closed when
          the current multiplex opened in
          Brisbane Street.
            I also have fond memories of some
          of the long-gone Hobart theatres. These
          were the Avalon, Melville Street, Her
          Majesty’s, Macquarie Street and the
          Odeon Liverpool Street. The Odeon
          was taken over by the ABC for the
          Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra and
          used for concerts and recording
          David Boag, Balaclava

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          Theatre Anniversaries
            The Centenary of His Majesty’s
          Perth occurs on 24 December, while the
          Capitol Melbourne celebrated 80 years
          on 7 November.
            His Majesty’s, corner of King and
          Hay Streets Perth was designed by the
          American-born William Woolf, who
          trained in Germany, migrated to
          Australia in 1877 and worked in
          Melbourne and Sydney before setting
          up practice in Perth.
            He combined the horse-shoe
          balconies favoured by Edwardian
          architects with some European
          influences to bring the audience closer
          to the stage. The ability to see and hear
          the performers better, and a sumptuous  Top: His Majesty’s Perth c. 1970 Above: An indication of the Edwardian interior.
          setting, endeared the building to  Images: Theatre In Australia by John West.
          generations of theatre-goers.
            Originally seating 2,584 people,
                                               The 80th Anniversary was        Vaudeville in Bourke Street.
          large even by Melbourne or Sydney
                                            celebrated with tours of the building, an  Vaudeville has returned to the
          standards, a re-vamp of all facilities in
                                            organ concert, the singer Robert   historic Salvation Army City Hall at 69
          1980 reduced the seating over its three
                                            Dugdale and the Australian silent film  Bourke Street, Melbourne. The hall was
          levels to 1,200.
                                            Kid Stakes. Two organists were     built as a vaudeville theatre, although it
          Capitol Melbourne                 featured on an Allen Digital Theatre  has not been used for this purpose for
            An international outlook also gave  Organ: John Atwell played the concert  more than 100 years.
          Melbourne its finest cinema. The  selections and David Johnston         Shows are  every Friday night at 7
          Chicago-trained Walter Burley Griffin  accompanied the film.         pm. Tickets are $10, or $5 in the so-
          and his wife Marion Mahoney          An early birthday present for the  called Peanut Gallery. Proceeds go to
          contributed a building worthy of greater  theatre was the announcement (27  the Salvation Army. Want more
          care and respect than it has sometimes  October) of a State Government  information? Ring 0433 164 502.
          received.                         restoration grant of $190,000.

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