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Left: Capitol Melbourne; John Atwell entertains on the organ and right: David Johnston is the accompanist for Kid Stakes.
          Images by courtesy of Maurice Austin.

          Troubles at Boronia
            Knox Council has shut down the
          four-screen Regent Cinemas in
          Boronia, citing six safety breaches after
          an inspection on 18 October 2004.
            Manager Dennis McKenna said he
          was surprised by the council action.
          “They (the council) only need a bit of
          building work done. We will launch
          again on Boxing Day with a fanfare
          event.” (Knox Leader 2 November)
            The site has been through a few
          incarnations as a film location.
          Originally the cement sheet Electra,
          the site was rebuilt by Village as a twin
          with shops downstairs and the screens
          above. Later, Century Cinemas
          expanded it to four screens, then
          Village took it over again. The building
          was empty before re-opening in 2004  The façade of the Lyric theatre in 2004. Some of the original side wall also remains
          as the Regent Cinemas.            but the foyers and auditorium were demolished to build shops and offices.
            Stop Press: A sign on the front
          door now advises that the landlord has  New Life For the Paramount   Shorts
          taken possession and the theatre is  Wellington (N.Z.)                  Hoyts Melbourne Central is not
          advertised for sale in the window of a  Cinema Paramount, the group that  due to open now until the second
          local real estate office.          assumed control of the Paramount  quarter of 2005 after extensive fire
                                             theatre in December 2002, has applied  damage at the site.
          Lyric Bendigo to Go.
                                             for resource consent for a major     Readings have opened at West
            The National Trust has withdrawn
                                             upgrade of the building.          Lakes Adelaide and Rhodes
          its objection to a plan by the Bendigo
          Bank to demolish the remains of the  Built in 1917, the Paramount is  Peninsula, Sydney. Both are former
          old theatre in Charing Cross to make  Wellington's oldest surviving cinema,  Andersons developments. Projection
          way for a $70m expansion of the bank  and possibly now New Zealand’s  installations were by Atlab Image and
          headquarters.                      oldest.                           Sound Technology.
                                               The Paramount architect was        Hoyts have taken over operation at
            The initial announcement of the
                                             James Bennie, who was again       Victoria Gardens, Richmond from the
          plan drew community fire, but the fact
                                             contracted for the major upgrade of  administrators after a reported rental
          that the façade was the only authentic
                                             1926.                             reduction.
          part of the 1914 theatre, weakened any
          case for retention.                  The Paramount was the first        Brighton Bay re-opened as four
            Public opinion has moved in favor  theatre to screen talkies in Wellington  screens (two new and two refurbished
          of commemorating the existence of the  in 1927. It is on the City’s historic  cinemas) in time for Christmas 2004.
          theatre. The bank has agreed to this,  register and with a bit of luck will  Further automation of the projection
          and a full drawing and photographic  make its century.               room is planned.
          record will be part of the

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