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            Evangelical churches around the
          world have a strong record in theatre
          preservation. Theatre auditoriums suit
          their multi-media style of service.
            The former Forge Creek Road
          Cinema of Bairnsdale is now the
          Christian Outreach Centre.  The 208-
          seat auditorium built for  Bob Latimer
          in the 1980s retains its wide screen and
          much of the projection equipment,
          although not in working order. The
          projector was a Ballantyne of Omaha
          with Xebex light source and GUVT
          Panastereo sound.
            At Corryong CATHS were treated
          to a country-style afternoon tea by
          Pastor Doug Allen, his wife Associate
          Pastor Carol Allen and the congregation
          of the Ambassadors for Jesus.  In 1994
          the group took over a theatre built in
          1960 for Bill Newman as part of his
          country circuit. (A small part of Bill
          Newman’s cinema history was recalled
          in CR 45.)
            Stepping into the projection room is
          a step back in time. The paired C&W P
          Six projectors with RCA sound heads
          look ready to arc up. Tools and
          accessories sit handy to where they
          might be needed. Pastor Allen, an ex-
          RAAF projectionist and sound and
          radio specialist, knows the equipment
          and its potential.
            The stage setting retains the ‘Scope
          screen, concealed by brown, crushed
          velvet curtains with blue side drapes.
          Husband and wife measured, cut and
          sewed the curtains on their home
          sewing machine. The original material
          was said to have come from a theatre in
          MIX AND MATCH
            At Lakes Entrance the operators of
          the Lakes Squash& Movie Theatre,
          Chris and Diane Fuhrmeister have
          found that the combination of sport and
          film work well enough to be
          considering extensions for a second
          cinema. In the summer season they
          accommodate overflow crowds in the
          basketball stadium. They promote the
          dual sites as the Lakes Entrance Twin
          Cinemas and also run a show at
            Originally six squash courts and an
                                             From the top: The former Forge Creek Road single screen is now The  Christian
          aerobics centre, the aerobics section
                                             Outreach Centre.
          was converted to a 154-seat cinema in
                                             Centre: The former Corryong Cinema.
          1997. Patrons walk up a common
                                             Above: What’s in appearances if it works? The Lakes Squash & Movie Theatre at
          staircase to the thwack, thwack of balls
                                             Lakes Entrance. A second screen may be added to this building.
          hitting concrete.
                                                                                       CINEMARECORD 2005     9
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