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From the Editor....

                                                    ‘Old Bourke Street Melbourne’ could be called a theme for this issue. The
                                                 enterprise and imagination behind the construction of the Victoria Arcade, The
                                                 Palace Hotel and the two theatres the Bijou and the Gaiety in Bourke Street was
                                                 surely the stuff of a photographer’s dream. Yet the pictorial record is meagre, or at
                                                 least that part of it in the public domain, so that questions about the proximity and
                                                 orientation of the theatres and their relationship to the hotel, although it has been
                                                 described in words, has not been entirely satisfactory. In Palace of Wonders Frank
                                                 Van Straten goes as far as seems possible in unravelling the facts about a
           The official journal of the Cinema And  wonderful complex of buildings.
               Theatre Historical Society Inc.
                                                    In the same part of town, the De Luxe theatre and its later metamorphosis as
                                                 the Esquire, proved to be another rich source of stories. CinemaRecord was
           ISSN 1443-3664 • Published quarterly
                            ★                    especially fortunate in obtaining the help of the former manager of the Esquire,
                      Editor: Ian Smith          Mr. Gil Whelan who corrects a couple of misconceptions about the theatre, and
                            ★                    who allowed publication of some less well known photos.
                  CinemaRecord Artwork:             The more I think about this distinctive theatre, the more I realize that it must
              Bill Kerr, Optimum Design 9419 4144  have consistently been one of the most profitable of the Hoyts city theatres. With
                            ★                    rents from the offices and shops front and back, never burdened with expensive
              The main aim of CATHS and this
                                                 add-ons like stage shows, and with the Wurlitzer removed in the 1920s at the peak
           publication is to accurately document and
                                                 of organ popularity, the overheads were always less for a theatre that only
           create an archive of the history of
                                                 provided films, and in its final phase, some of the top attractions in town.
           cinemas and theatres.
              Input in the form of articles,        If the 70mm years seem underdone in this account, it is because an in-depth
           constructive criticism, and substantiated  article on 70mm will be one of the attractions for next year. In fact some strong
           dispute of printed matter is welcome, and  reading is promised for the New Year. In the mean time, enjoy this larger holiday
           necessary to enable us to reach our   issue. – Ian Smith
              Opinions expressed are those of the
           Editor or contributors, and unless           NOW SHOWING!
           expressly stated so, are not necessarily
           those of the Cinema And Theatre
           Historical Society Inc.
              Articles printed in CinemaRecord
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              All photos are from the collection of
           the person or organisation stated. Every  8  CATHS Tours The High Country - Brian Miller and Ian Smith
           effort has been made to trace the
           ownership of copyright. In the event of  12  Palace of Wonders - Frank Van Straten
           any questions arising as to the use of any  17  After All There Is Only One Capitol
           material, the author and publisher will be
           happy to make the necessary corrections  18  CATHS Saturday Arvo Matinee
           in future printings.
              Contributions and suggestions for  20   From Hoyts De Luxe and Hoyts Esquire - Ian Smith and Eric White
           CinemaRecord are most welcome. Please  28  My Esquire Years - Gil Whelan
           contact the Editor if you are planning
           to write an article for the magazine.  30  Through The Porthole - Peter Ricketts
           We may be able to assist you with
           information, contacts, etc and it will help  32  Just Switch It On - Peter Wolfenden
           us with forward planning.
                                                 34   Press Pass At The Cross - Noel Kerr
                     Contact: Ian Smith
               Telephone: 5443 0692 (1-9pm)        Images in this publication are from CATHS Archive unless credited to another source.
                                                 Cover: The timeless elegance of the balcony foyer of Hoyts Esquire in 1959 when
                Postal Address: PO Box 476,
                                                 it had acquired the grand piano from the Plaza. See story pp 20-29.
                  Bentleigh, Victoria, 3204

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