Page 2 - CinemaRecord Edition 3-2003 #41
P. 2

Recognise This?
                           Recognise This?

                         A promotion for a free ticket to any Greater Union Birch Carroll and Coyle cinema, this
                       intriguing interior - almost a cross between a Regent and Melbourne’s Capitol - prompts the
                       question - where is it?
                         The advertisement ran in the April/May 2008 issue of the National Senior’s magazine
                       50 Something. Correspondence with National Seniors was directed to the advertising agency
                       that designed the page.
                         The image was purchased from a wire service, but it came with no details about the actual
                       cinema. It’s unlikely to be a computer generated image, because it includes such pedestrian
                       details as an air conditioning outlet and a wall speaker. One comment so far is that it’s a
                       European house, but that still leaves the identity wide open.
                         - Image reproduced by permission.
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