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Regent Brisbane                                                      Opera On The Screen
            To the casual eye all seems normal                                    High definition digital is bringing
          at the Regent. The entrance includes a                               unusual opportunities to a cinema near
          coffee bar with tables and chairs  -                                 you. The latest is opera (almost) direct
          nicely cosmopolitan - while the main                                 from the great companies of the world.
          foyer, inspected one midday in July,                                    Village at the Jam Factory and
          was buzzing. The only sense that times                               Southland and Hoyts at Chadstone
          might be changing was the numbers of                                 have screened productions from Teatro
          people snapping pics in and around the                               La Fenice Venice, and the War
          foyers.                                                              Memorial Opera House San
            To those with long memories there                                  Francisco, while the Nova in Carlton
          is a disconnect between the sign ‘Birch,                             takes broadcasts from the
          Carroll and Coyle’ over the staircase -                              Metropolitan Opera, New York.
          the company no doubt proud to have                                      In time-friendly countries the operas
          this temporary acquisition - and the                                 are streamed in real time, but here they
          unchanged timber sign with gold                                      are delayed.
          lettering in the same foyer which reads                              Palace Still Growing
          - Hoyts Regent Theatre, Tenants
                                                                                  When Icon Film Distribution
          Directory. The theatre is scheduled to
                                                                               (owned by Mel Gibson and his business
          close in December.
                                                                               partner Bruce Davey) purchased the
          NEW SOUTH WALES                                                      five Dendy cinemas last year, the deal
          George Street Goes Digital                                           did not include the jewel, the Kino
                                                                               Dendy in Collins Place. Instead, the
            All 16 screens in the George Street
                                                                               landmark art house has entered into a
          Cinemas are now showing electronic
                                                                               partnership with the Zeccola family’s
                                                                               Palace Cinemas. The deal will bring to
            3D facilities have also been
                                                                               25 the number of Palace screens across
          installed in a couple of cinemas.
          Several makes and models of digital
                                                                                                  - Various sources
          projector and servers are under
          evaluation in the complex.                                           Open House
            The 35mm machines are still there,  A new cinema for Melbourne - at the  The Plaza Ballroom beneath the
          held in reserve.                  Museum!                            Regent was one of the now rarely seen
                    - AMMPT Newsletter, July.                                  locations open to the public at the
                                                                               inaugural Open House on Sunday 22
          VICTORIA                          On Show - The History Of the       July.
          The Melbourne Story               Moving Image                          As a venue the Plaza has come full
            A new exhibit at the Melbourne     In May 2007 when CATHS toured   circle. Intended as a ballroom, it
          Museum, Carlton Gardens records the  The Australian Centre For the Moving  opened as a cinema and became a
          history of Melbourne. Since the 20th  Image (ACMI) the organisers lobbied  public favourite.
          century is well documented on film, the  for an exhibition on cinema history,  When the Regent and Plaza closed,
          exhibit includes a small cinema   with a focus on Australia's contribution.   the years of neglect turned the
          showing extracts from newsreels,     Whether this plea was a spur to  basement space into a subterranean
          travelogues and cinema advertising  action is unknown, but work on a  lake. Today it is fully restored and
          from the 1900s to the 1950s, all  permanent exhibition is well on the  managed by Jason Marriner of Marriner
          relevant to the ‘Queen City of the  way. While several film history  Theatres group.
          South’.                           galleries exist, ACMI's will be the first
                                                                                  The venue caters for events such as
            CATHS supplied one image for the  to include all aspects of the moving  500-seat dinners, ARIA Awards and
          lobby; the foyer of the Capitol decked  image: where it came from, what it is  weddings. Even so, a lot of people walk
          out for a 1938 western. The little  and how we interact with it. The plan is  past every day with no appreciation of
          cinema is not a copy of the Capitol,but  to open the exhibition in March 2009.    what is down those steps.
          it is a charmer nonetheless, with an art       - The Age 21 June 2008   Eight locations were open for the
          deco interior.                                                       day. Other theatres open were the
            The exhibit is part of a permanent                                 Regent and Capitol.
          display. Entry is free for Seniors Card
                                                                                  This first Open House was
                                                                               organized by the Future Focus Group
                                                                               of the Committee For Melbourne. “We
                                                                               want people to re-examine and engage
                                                                               with the city and be inspired by the
                                                                               work they see”, said FFG spokesperson
                                                                               Tim Leslie, of Bates Smart Architects.
                                                                                            - The Age 19 July 2008.

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