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Sydney, the Highpoint 17 in Melbourne
          and the Carousel 16 in Perth. These
          openings are scheduled to coincide with
          the Australian launch of Harry Potter
          and the Half Blood Prince in December
            The fourth theatre will be installed
          in Melbourne in 2009.
            For the operators of the Darling
          Harbour IMAX cinema, this is all bad
          news. They see the move as an example
          of predatory action by their United
          States licensor IMAX Corp.
            Sydney’s IMAX screen is 35 metres
          wide and the biggest Hoyts screen will
          be 21 metres. “It’s called IMAX but its
          IMAX sub-optimal, (and) what annoys
          us is that they’re using the same name”,
          said Peter Ivany co owner of the
          Darling harbour theatre.
            IMAX Corp has defended the
          Sydney expansion saying that the latest
          IMAX experience is not just about the
          size of the screen.
                           - Various Sources.
          CATHS (Qld.) Visits Toowoomba
            An inspection of the Empire
          Theatre and cinema venues on 20 July,
          was the inaugural excursion for the
          Queensland branch.
            Among the 13 attendees was Keith
          Hoffman, a former projectionist there,
          who had detailed knowledge of the
          building as a cinema. Keith’s book Life
          in the Operating Box was reviewed in
          CR 58.
            The group was also privileged to
          meet and talk with the daughter of
          pioneer film-maker Charles Chauvel
          and his grandson Rick, who runs a
          members-only venue at the Icon
            The success of the day can be
          judged from the fact that the tour began
          at 9.15am and didn't finish until almost

          Right, top and centre:
          Inside the restored Empire.
          Opposite: At the Icon, from left:
          Steve Maggs, Kevin Walters, Rick Carlson
          and Susanne Carlson Chauvel.
          Images Bert Clements.

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