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SOUTH AUSTRALIA                   Now though, even the AEC Chief     WESTERN AUSTRALIA
                                            Executive predicts a long downturn in
          Tight-Lipped About Glenelg Plans                                     Goodbye Astor
                                            ticket sales.
            Wallis Cinemas remain non-                                            A neat example of art deco cinema,
                                               Musing on what just a fraction of
          commital about plans for the sale of                                 the Astor at Mt Lawley seems set to
                                            that money could do, the manager of
          their Glenelg Cinema. Letters from                                   close on 27 August, with management
                                            the Capri Cinema John Cronan has
          residents have expressed concerns                                    citing poor patronage as the reason. The
                                            gone public to admit that his 60-year
          about losing one of the most interesting                             future of the site is uncertain, but the
                                            old venue is falling apart. “We struggle
          buildings on Jetty Road.                                             building will remain, at least for now.
                                            to keep the theatre going, most of our
            All known potential buyers would
                                            staff are volunteers. If we had just $1m.  NEW ZEALAND
          close and raze the building which is not
                                            we could turn the Capri around.”
          heritage listed. One developer is                                    Lower Hutt
                                               The highlight of a visit to the Capri
          negotiating with the chain to retain the                                Hoyts, which closed earlier in the
                                            is the marvellous Wurlitzer preludes.
          theatre, arguing that it will benefit from                           year has been purchased by the Woburn
                                                      - The Independent 8 August
          his makeover of the adjacent Bay                                     Baptist Church.
          Junction Shopping Centre.                                               Two of the five cinemas will be
            A Wallis spokesperson was non-                                     merged to create the space for the main
          committal about this proposal.                                       church. The price paid was $NZ3.5m.
                                                                               The building included retail space on
            Maybe, just maybe, the fact that
                                                                               the ground floor.
          Michelle Wallis representing Wallis
          Cinemas was one of three Adelaide                                       Featherston in the Wairarapa has a
          identities recently inducted into the                                40-seat DVD theatre (High Definition)
          Family Business Hall of Fame, might                                  in the former Telecom building. The fit-
          occasion a re-think .                                                out cost $NZ 70,000
            The award recognised successful                                    Otaki
          Australian family businesses. Wallis  Entrance to the former Regent Rundle  Coehaven Cinema has expanded
          Cinemas was established in 1950 by  Mall. The sign reads, ‘There are exciting  from four days a week to six. (Closed
          Hugh Wallis. The third-generation  times afoot - but it’s as usual at the  Mondays.) This is another high
          business has grown to seven cinemas  Regent.’ Let’s hope that’s not just the  definition DVD system with Dolby
          across Adelaide.                  developer whistling in the dark.   Digital sound.
          Value For Money?                  Drive-In Closure                      DVD projection has opened the way
            A state government proposal for a                                  for low-cost conversions, clearly the
                                               The last night at the Barmera
          $50m. upgrade to the Adelaide                                        way forward for smaller operators.
                                            Drive-In, as flagged in CR58, will be
          Entertainment Centre, has raised some                                Reporting by:
                                            Saturday 6 September with the
          high-profile dissent about what this
                                            screening of Hancock.                 Roderick Smith and Brian Hunt
          might achieve.
                                                                               (International), Steve Maggs (Qld.),
            Opened in 1991 the AEC has had                                     Ross King (NSW and Vic.), Colin Flint
          no problem attracting international                                  (SA and Vic.), Peter Jackson (WA) and
          headliners and audiences to match.                                   Tony Froude (NZ)

                    The Cinema And Theatre Historical Society Inc. is proud to have
               The Sun Theatre Yarraville as our major sponsor. Many thanks to member
             Mr Michael Smith, the owner of the Sun Theatre, for providing the venue for
                                          CATHS meetings and events.

              For program and venue hire inquiries, contact Theatre Manager Ms Angela Murphy
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                                                                    8 Ballarat Street, Yarraville 3013

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