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The SS Normandie. Many enthusiasts still
          rank her as the greatest of all ocean

          wide for CinemaScope, although now
          restricted to wide screen ratios
          applicable to digital projection.
            In keeping with the times, twin
          35mm projectors were removed from
          the cinema in 2007. Films are now
          projected from a digital projector set
          into the balcony balustrade. The bulky
          Xenon lamp houses used with the
          35mm equipment remain in the bio-box
          amongst a plethora of digital video and
          audio equipment.                         The Normandie’s theatre/cinema, reputedly the first on any ocean liner.
            The most recent ships of the Cunard
          line feature even more elaborate
          theatres, principally for live
          presentation. On the Queen Mary 2 the
          Royal Court Theatre is a multi-level
          auditorium seating some 1,015 people,
          while on the Queen Victoria the Royal
          Court Theatre seats 830 on three
          levels. It is the first theatre at sea to
          incorporate private boxes in the
          tradition and decor of a Victorian era
                                                                    RMS Queen Elizabeth
            Anticipating that the cruise ship
          industry will continue to prosper, the
          giants already in service and on the
          drawing board include ‘al fresco’
          cinemas and atmospheric theatres
          modelled on the elaborate and classical
          theatres of days gone by.  ★

            In 2008 the author sailed on the
          QE2 on her last trip to Australia.

          RMS Queen Elizabeth - The Beautiful
          Lady, Janette McCutcheon 2001
          A Picture History Of The Normandie,
          Frank O. Braynard 1987

                                                          The First Class cinema on the Queen Elizabeth, 1946

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