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                  ABN 37 195 378 179
                    Reg A0020747R
           The aims of CATHS are: to record the  David Garvie Given His Due    No Magic For This Patron
           history of cinemas and theatres, and to  I was delighted to see in     For the first time in my life, I
           promote interest in theatre heritage and  CinemaRecord 63 Peter Wolfenden’s  walked out of a movie only part way
           architecture, and other related areas.
                                            excellent article on David Garvie, an  through. The film was the latest in the
                       Patrons:             almost forgotten film pioneer. Garvie  Harry Potter series - Harry Potter and
                  Frank Van Straten OAM
                    Peter Smith OAM         was a brilliant man, whose technical  the Half-Blood Prince. It was a charity
                                            and engineering skills produced high  night, so there were many adults in the
                     Committee:             quality, durable and reliable projection  audience, out to help a cause.
            President: Gerry Kennedy 5174 1870
           Vice President: Peter Wolfenden 9744 2570  equipment.                  Both the cinema and the film
            Secretary: Mike Trickett 5278 1986  Few of Garvie’s machines came to  disappointed. The venue can remain
            Treasurer: Rodney Bendix 9563 2927  New Zealand. A few Austral, or  anonymous, because I want to point out
                         ★                  possibly New Austral, were in use in  the absurdity of a rule that probably
                    Qld. Convenor:          the 1940s and 1950s, mostly in small  applies in a number of cinemas across
               Steve Maggs 0413 805 320     halls and cinemas in rural communities.  Melbourne.
                         ★                  Travelling showmen on the east coast  This particular cinema now has a
                                            also used them.                    liquor licence, but drinks are not to be
            Archivist: Gerry Kennedy 5174 1870
                  Events Co-ordinator:         Peter has done a great job in   taken into the auditorium (not even in a
                  Les Auld 9689 2765        researching the life and career of this  plastic cup): smelly popcorn and noisy
                   Film Buffs Group:        amazing man, giving him the long   cellophane are OK.
                 Mike Trickett 5278 1986
                  Publications Sales:       overdue recognition he deserves, and  Since I usually attend live shows,
               James Barrand 0418 520 315   reminding everyone of his part in the  where the enjoyment of alcohol is not
           Membership Secretary: Peter O’Reilly  development and advancement of  proscribed in this way, I couldn’t
              PO Box 476 Bentleigh Vic. 3204  Australia’s commercial cinema history.  believe the management statement:
                 CinemaRecord Editor:       I eagerly await Part Two.
                       Ian Smith                                               “Our licence doesn’t allow that.” The
                Congratulations Peter.          film was not only tedious, it was
                    CATHS website:          David Lascelles, Wellington NZ     drowned out by the noise of the
                    Postal address:         Bombala Bombs Out
               PO Box 476, Bentleigh 3204.     The Olympia at Bombala          Roderick B Smith, Balwyn
                         ★                  (Newsreel CR 63), and the problems  Where Have All The (NZ) Regents
           Membership                       faced by the community group to    Gone?
           Annual membership subscription is $45,  restore and run it as a cinema, is one  I very much enjoyed reading about
           (overseas subscribers $50) and   story told in my DVD Flicks in the  Auckland’s magnificent Regent in CR
           members receive four copies of   Sticks Part One.                   63 - what a true picture palace. This
           CinemaRecord, notification of events,  The group was enthusiastic to  leads me to speculate on the fate of the
           and copies of the agenda and minutes  continue, buying the 1871-built Literary  other major Regents throughout New
           of all meetings. There is no joining fee.
                                            Institute, but although it had grants  Zealand: those in Wellington, Dunedin
           Meetings                                                            and Christchurch. That last, I believe,
           Meetings are held on the last Sunday of  from State instrumentalities, local
           February, April, June, August, October &  council bureaucratic ‘insensitivity’  was converted to a multi-screen
           November.                        stymied the project.               complex in the 1980s.
           Archive                             The Olympia has been for sale for  Peter Woolnough, Kyogle NSW
           The Archive is located in the Prahran  about five years; the owner, although  (The Regent Wellington is gone.
           Mechanics’ Institute, 140 High Street  allowing free use by the community
           Prahran, 9510 3393. The Archive will  cinema group, benefited from it being  Regent Christchurch is
           be open between 9.30am and 12.30pm  cleaned inside and painted outside by  unrecognizable in its multiplex format.
           on the Saturday before each meeting  the volunteers, and having the  Only the Regent Dunedin, restored as
           (see above), and at other times by                                  a live theatre, retains its allure - see
           appointment with the archivist.  projectors restored.               CR55.) - Editor
                                               To continue as a public venue the
           Back issues of CinemaRecord, other  building would have required
           publications, CDs and videos are  considerable rehabilitation to bring it
           available at meetings. Items are also  up to current National Building Code
           available by mail. Please contact James  standards.
           Barrand on 0418 520 315 for details.  Ross Thorne, Palm Beach NSW

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