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Screen Worlds Opens at ACMI
            Long promised, Screen Worlds: The
          Story of Film, Television and Digital
          Culture, has opened as a permanent
          exhibition at the Australian Centre For
          the Moving Image (ACMI) at
          Federation Square.
            Although a sign informs that it is
                                                                                         Three images: A new
          still a work in progress, it is likely to
                                                                                         purpose for the former Hoyts
          have wide appeal. Three-quarters of the
                                                                                         Cinema Centre. Look
          exhibition is taken up with cinema, TV
                                                                                         closely for tell-tale reminders
          games and digital with-all-the-
                                                                                         of its cinema history.
          trappings; a magnet for the young. One
                                                                                                        Colin Flint
          quarter is given over to pre and early
          cinema. Allow yourself two or three
          visits to take it all in.
          From Cinemas To New Leisure
            Watching the conversion options for
          once high-profile cinemas could
          become a hobby in itself. On
          Melbourne’s Bourke Street, the exterior
          of the former Village City has changed
          as a $110m. re-development to offices
          and retail nears completion.
            Further east, the former Hoyts
          Cinema Centre is now a Virgin Active
          Health Club, occupying the full area of
          the former cinemas.
            The centre has a 25 metre indoor
          pool, spa, a cold plunge pool and
          saunas. One wall still shows the
          portholes, a reminder of previous use.
          Hardest to adjust to is the Virgin logo
          high on the east and west walls of the
          most distinctive building in the block.
          Nhill Community Theatre
            This former picture theatre, also
          designed by Charles Bohringer, and
          renovated in the 1990s to performing
          arts standard has been upgraded again.
            The theatre now boasts the biggest
          stage of any town between Ballarat and
          Adelaide. Other improvements include
          changes to the foyer and acoustics.

          More than a facelift: The Nhill
          Community Centre has an upgraded
          stage and back-stage facilities.

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