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A Lifeline For Star Eaglehawk
            Running a community cinema, even
          with volunteers, isn’t easy. The Star,in
          the former Eaglehawk town hall has
          received a financial boost from the City
          of Greater Bendigo
            Council agreed to provide an
          interest-free loan of $20,000 to the
          Association and waive an outstanding
          rental fee of $18,000.
            Established in September 1999, the
          Star offers independent, and cross-over
          releases, most of which would not
          otherwise get screen time in Bendigo.
            In an effort to attract a larger
          audience, The Star Community Cinema
          Association has developed a marketing
          partnership with the city’s Capital
          Theatre, which has a well -oiled
          publicity machine.
          Mansfield Tries Community
          Cinema                            Sleek from the outside, the Chelsea foyer makes a feature of rich timbers.  John Thiele
            When the Mansfield cinema closed
          to make way for a supermarket, a not
          for profit trust raised $350,000 to build  A remote control expert had the  Chelsea Sale Protests Continue
          and run a 50-seat community cinema  answer, and it wasn’t a poltergeist.  In a last-ditch attempt to stall or
          within two former squash courts. The  Underground near the Princess,a  overturn the Burnside Council decision
          cinema is open, but the preferred next  power cable junction was emitting high  to sell the single screen Chelsea, the
          step, a liquor licence, seems out of  levels of electromagnetic radiation,  Save The Chelsea Cinema Action Group
          reach.                            jamming the remotes.               meeting on October 12 heard a strong
            As the law now stands, the cost of a  SOUTH AUSTRALIA              case for council to retain ownership.
          licence would be the same as for a  No Heritage Protection For          A Wallis Cinemas spokesperson
          night-club; an exhorbitant sum for so  Glenelg Cinema                said that the company remains prepared
          small a venture. Some tinkering with                                 to honour the original agreement: if
                                               In a setback to the Holdfast Bay
          the legislation is surely needed.                                    council was to build the additional
                                            Council which wanted the former
          The Shaft Deflates.               Ozone, later Wallis Cinemas preserved,  screens on adjacent land, Wallis would
                                                                               run the cinemas, and retain the original
            The Shaft porn cinema and strip  the Department of Environment and
                                                                               as a single screen.
          show in Swanston Street closed on 20  Heritage (DEH) judged that the 72-year
                                                                                  Previously, councillors sympathetic
          September. Although probably      old building did not warrant listing.
                                                                               to CCAG, had put to council that some
          dismissed by CATHS’ members as a     The Wallis Group closed the cinema
          venue unworthy of the name ‘cinema’,  in February 2009 and is still exploring  motions passed in earlier meetings
          such establishments are part of our  options for the site. Wallis has council  relating to the sale should have been
          social history.                   permission to either convert the   declared invalid, based on legal advice.
                                                                               Since this process had not been
            The Shaft operated for some 32  building into mixed restaurant/office
                                                                               followed, they argued, the legality of any
          years, but could not compete with  space or, if conversion is not feasible,
                                                                               sale was now questionable. A motion to
          ‘advances’ in porn technology. Two  to demolish it.
                                                                               abandon the sale for this reason failed;
          similar venues continue to operate in  Wallis spokesman Philip Roberts
          the Melbourne CBD.                said that the company “...will make a  four councillors voted in favour, six
                                                                               voted against, and two were absent.
                                            full investigation of all the relevant
          TASMANIA                                                                Meanwhile, Burnside Council will
                                            options and decide which one is best
          The Ghost Goes Wild                                                  conduct a study to see how much
                                            for it.”
            The Princess Launceston, like                                      fundraising money community groups
                                               A DEH spokeswoman said that
          many theatres, has a ghost story or two,                             will lose if there is no Chelsea cinema.
                                            although the building was the first Art
          but this time the ghost seemed to be                                 One view is that, regardless of the
                                            Deco cinema built in Adelaide, many of
          loose on the street. Car owners who                                  result of the study, it is unlikely to hold
                                            its significant features had been lost.
          parked anywhere near the building                                    up the sale process.
                                            Changes had compromised the extent to
          often couldn’t start them again, yet                                    A packed hall unanimously
                                            which the theatre could be said to
          parking and restarting anywhere else in                              supported a motion demanding that
                                            represent an Art Deco cinema.
          the city was no problem.                                             council defer any sale until after
                                            Guardian Messenger 16 August 2009
                                                                               November 2010 - the date of the next
                                                                               council election.
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