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A Reader’s Thanks
            Ian, I felt I must write and express
          my thanks for your efforts editing
          CinemaRecord over the past years.
            I always look forward to my copy,
          and I have to say that I can’t ever
          remember ever being disappointed. The
          diversity of articles has always been
          interesting, so much so that it has
          caused me to broaden my interests
          within the cinema/theatre historical
          scene. A job very well done.
          Phil O’Kane, Vermont
                                            Yatala Drive-in projectionist Tom Janikovits shows that there’s life in film yet.
                                                                                                     Michael Ross
            NEWSREEL                    •   Expansion At Nerang                Digital Options Continue to
          •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • • •
             CINEMA, THEATRE &          •      At Nerang on the Gold Coast, plans  Surprise
                                            are afoot to build extra screens.     The Andrew Rieu phenomenon
                                                                               doesn’t just stop with sell-out concerts
                                            A Drive-in That’s Cool Again
          • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• •                                 and massive DVD sales. Rieu’s Sydney
                                               The former Beenleigh Drive-in
                                                                               concert on 16 October was beamed
          INTERNATIONAL                     on the Gold Coast, now the Yatala
                                            Drive-in, has survived long enough to  direct by satellite into these cinemas in
          Pop With Popcorn                                                     Victoria:
                                            be back in favour.
            Can munching on popcorn help                                          Nova Carlton, Theatre Royal
                                               Third generation drive-in operator
          boost male sexual performance?                                       Castlemaine, Rex Charlton, Classic
                                            Peter Sourris said every Saturday night
          Apparently it’s all to do with a nutrient                            Elsternwick, Paramount Maryborough
                                            cars line up for kilometers to get a spot
          called argonine, which increases blood                               and the Sun Yarraville.
                                            in front of the big screens.
          supply and sperm count. In one report,                                  State-of-the-art technology doesn’t
          popcorn is tipped as one of the best  The Souriss family has run the  come cheap, although in this instance it
          foods for increasing fertility, alongside  drive-in since 1974. A few independent  doesn’t have the price tag that
          water (?), tomato soup and the    operators like themselves held on when  accompanied the opera house
          supplement COQ10 (?).             the drive-in concept seemed dead,  transmissions to Australia. Andre Rieu
                                            refusing all offers from developers.
            If you want to improve the odds for                                fans paid $43 a ticket.
          blockbuster success in the bedroom,  Peter Sourris and his brother
          then an evening at the cinema shouldn’t  Stephen took over from their father in  VICTORIA
          be overlooked!                    2000. They added a second screen and  Fire Damage At Warrnambool
          Cinema Theatre Association UK     renamed the venue Yatala. Peter       Fire destroyed one ground floor
          Bulletin July/August 2009         Sourris said it was mainly 16 to 30  cinema in Warrnambool’s heritage-
                                            year-olds who enjoyed the novelty and  listed Capitol, and damaged two
          AUSTRALASIA                       relaxed atmosphere of the drive in.    others, in a blaze on 6 August.
                                            NEW SOUTH WALES                       Two early morning cleaners had just
          CATHS Visits the Regent           Changes at Tamworth                smelled smoke when they were almost
            To mark the Second Anniversary of                                  engulfed, forcing a scramble to safety.
                                               Details remain sketchy but it seems
          CATHS’ Queensland Chapter, 19                                        Screenings were soon transferred to the
                                            that Tamworth has a Capitol again.
          people inspected the Regent Brisbane,                                hall at Brauer College, the former
                                            This time it is a live theatre, which was
          now leased to Birch Carroll and Coyle.                               Technical School on Caramut Road,
                                            actually Cinema 1 of the Forum
          See story on page 38.                                                about 4km away. The future of the
                                            complex. There is also talk of a new
          Dendy Waits For An Exhibitor      Forum 6 opening in the town. If old  Capitol depends on an assessment of
            The former Dendy/George Brisbane  Forum is now Capitol, what happened  the building's structural integrity.
          has an adventure travel company using  to the older Regent 4? Confused  The Capitol was designed by
          the foyer. The façade has been repainted  anyone?                    prolific cinema architect Charles
          and includes the company logo. In the                                Bohringer in the late 1920s. It was
          old poster showcase a sign says                                      tripled in 1994, but the downstairs fit-
          ‘Cinemas for rent.’                                                  out was dismal.
                                                                                  The town is hoping the theatre will
          More 3D Screens
                                                                               be restored, and CATHS is hoping it
            Southbank Cinemas are installing
                                                                               will also be an opportunity to redress
          two 3D screens.
                                                                                       CINEMARECORD 2009     5
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