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TOP: The (uncompleted) plans from 1936.
                                                                               BELOW: The new double-storey façade.

            The single-storey former entrance to  A HD note to the plans stated the  The former auditorium was altered
          the theatre was demolished and    dress circle, upper foyer and rear  to include a stadium-style raked floor
          replaced with a new imposing      projection room were not built. It is  with lounge chairs at the rear and stalls
          “moderne” style frontage to Langtree  likely that limited finances precluded  seating in front of the cross aisle. All
          Avenue, including shops to the left and  Haughton from building the whole new  patrons entered the theatre through the
          right of the wide entrance. The new  theatre. However, a large entrance foyer  same auditorium entrances. A total of
          addition suggested a row of first-floor  was built along with two shops.  914 seats were installed.
          windows for an upstairs foyer and
          related administrative areas and toilets,
          whilst a third storey window was for a
          projection room.

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