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A new temporary projection room
                                                                             was constructed upstairs, as part of the
                                                                             new building. Unnamed, refurbished
                                                                             projectors were installed. The sound
                                                                             system was assembled by the
                                                                             projectionist F. F. Edwards. A large
                                                                             generator was installed in a room next
                                                                             to the projection room.
                                                                               The magnificent “sunburst
                                                                             proscenium” with its plaster work and
                                                                             delightful lighting were the highlights
                                                                             of the theatre. The feature article in the
                                                                             Sunraysia Daily (20 April 1937)
                                                                             described the Astor as “… the most
                                                                             outstanding of its type in provincial
                                                                             Victoria … There are 21 blends of
                                                                             brown and gold in the magnificent
                                                                             sunburst proscenium above the stage …
                                                                             Four modern chandeliers light the
                                                                             theatre, while indirect red and purple
                                                                             lights illuminate the wax coloured wall
                                                                             panels”. This was the fourth spectacular
                                                                             “sunburst proscenium” used by the
                                                                             architects in their Victorian works. The
                                                                             others were installed in the Waverly
                                                                             (Caulfield), Vogue (Kew) and the
                                                                             remodeled Moonee (Moonee Ponds).
                                                                               Shilladays, a local furniture store,
                                                                             provided the theatre chairs, curtains,
                                                                             linoleums, drapes, brown carpets and
                                                                             furnishings for the new theatre. It was
                                                                             renamed the Astor.

                                                                             ABOVE: Opening advertisement.
                                                                             LEFT: Sunraysia Daily, Tuesday 20th April

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