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CINEMA AND               From the Editor…
                          THEATRE                Without sounding morbid, recent times have strongly reminded me of the
                          C A   H S              importance of recording our history now - whilst we still can.
                                                 None of us live forever and lately too many good people have left us. Just two
                                                 who come to mind were both long-term projectionist friends - Ken Boudrie
                  HISTORICAL       SOCIETY       with Hoyts in Melbourne, and Dennis Anderson who also had a long and
                        ESTABLISHED 1989         interesting career in Tasmania. I had every intention of asking themboth to
                                                 put pen-to-paper and share their memories with us, but alas I put it off for too
                                                 long and their stories go untold. A great loss all round.
                                                 Whether from the industry, enthusiast or patron, we all have stories to tell and memories to share. They are all
                                                 important and even the smallest snippet I can often help paint a vivid picture for future generations.
                                                 This said, it has been quite gratifying to receive a wide range of articles, letters, memories and feedback
                The official journal of the Cinema And  from all over Australia.  Please keep them coming – it is your input that continues to help CATHS and
                                                 CinemaRecord go from strength-to-strength. With your help, what a great legacy we will leave!
                   Theatre Historical Society Inc.
                          Australia              I hope you enjoy all the memories here in CinemaRecord 75.
                ISSN 1443-3664 • Published quarterly                                                       Kevin Adams
                               H                                                                               Editor.
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                             H                   Letters
                  The main aim of CATHS and this
                publication is to accurately document
                and create an archive of the history of  he  latest  CinemaRecord  (74)  was
                cinemas and theatres. Input in the form   Tanother  good  read.  Congratulations!
                of articles, constructive criticism, and   As a follow up on the excellent article about
                substantiated dispute of printed matter   Wests  Theatre  in Adelaide,  on  my  recent
                is welcome, and necessary to enable us   trip there, I took a look at the former theatre.
                      to reach our objective.
                 Opinions expressed are those of the  The view from the back street shows the fibro-
                  Editor or contributors, and unless  cement roof of the auditorium and street-art on the
                expressly stated so, are not necessarily  stage-house wall. From a distance the wall looks
                                                 like rough brickwork, however closer inspection
                  those of the Cinema And Theatre  reveals hundreds of model cars forming a sort of
                      Historical Society Inc.    mural! I thought the photographs (at right) may
                  Articles printed in CinemaRecord  be of interest to readers.
                should not be reproduced without the                    Ross King.
                permission of the author or the editor.                Essendon. Vic.
                 All photos are from the collection of
               the person or organisation stated. Every
                  effort has been made to trace the  wish  to  thank  Peter  Woolnough,  William   o  answer  Peter  Woolnough’s  query
                ownership of copyright. In the event of  I Gray  and  Robert  Taylor  for  their  letters  in   T(CR-74  regarding  a  planned  chain
                                                                                    of  Victory  Theatres),  I  believe  the  sale  of
                                                 the last edition of CinemaRecord in which they
                 any questions arising as to the use of   corrected an error in my article about the Hoyts   Electric Pictures to Frank Thring Snr, and its
                any material, the author and publisher   signs on the former Victory Theatre in St Kilda.   subsequent absorption by Hoyts, put paid to
                 will be happy to make the necessary   Not only did they correct the date, but Robert   the completion of a Victory chain.
                   corrections in future printings.  Taylor also enhanced the story by telling of the
                  Contributions and suggestions for  ferocious storm that brought down the Carlisle   Before the opening of the St.Kilda Victory in
                 CinemaRecord are most welcome.   Street sign in the late 1980’s.   April 1921, the other link in the proposed chain
                 Please contact the Editor if you are                               of Victory Theatres (in Wattletree Road Malvern)
                 planning to write an article for the   It is always good to receive feedback, particularly   began operating on October 20 1920.
               magazine. We may be able to assist you   when  it  adds  to  a  story,  or  corrects  an  error.   This  Malvern  Victory  was  about  half  the
                                                 CinemaRecord  is  one  of  the  few  published
                 with information, contacts, etc and it   sources of the history of our theatres and cinemas,   cost and capacity of its St. Kilda counterpart,
                 will help us with forward planning.  so keeping the record straight is important.  being built at a cost of 20,000-pounds and
                               H                                                    seating 1,800. By 1923 the Hoyts chain were
                                                 Our  Research  Group  welcomes  feedback  and   building Regent theatres only.
                     CinemaRecord Contact:       contributions as they add to the history of cinema      Robert Taylor.
               Editor    Kevin Adams   0409 946 066  that might otherwise be lost. So keep writing.
               Email                                  Somthing to Share? Letters, Feedback
                                                                        Jim White.   & News. Your contributions will be most
                Note new CinemaRecord Postal address           CATHS Research Group     welcome and much appreciated!
               (for magazine content only) to: Kevin Adams                          Email:
                 P.O.Box 535, Carlton North. Vic. 3054      Front & back cover: The Dendy Theatre – Brighton (Vic).
                                                         Photographs by CATHS members, John Thiele & Brian Pearson.

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