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                                      CINEMA AND

              CAIRNS: The heritage-listed façade of the
              former Rex Theatre had to be demolished
              in  August  after  previous  unauthorised
              work affected the stability of the remaining
              structure.  The company will now face court
              proceedings on October 25.
              NORTH LAKES: A cinema complex, Ikea,
              Kmart  and  more  specialty  shops  will  be
              added  to  the  Westfield  Shopping  Centre  if
              a planning application before Moreton Bay
              Regional Council is approved.
              REDCLIFFE: The old Pier Theatre building   GOONDAWINDI: The Civic Twin Cinema   LOCKLEYS:  The  Windsor  Cinema
              could  be  demolished  for  redevelopment  of   is  under  threat  of  closure  due  to  poor   closed  its  doors  on  Thursday  August
              the  valuable  site.  A  12-storey  residential   patronage  and  the  high  cost  of  purchasing   30th  due  to  a  lack  of  viability  and  the
              complex is one of the proposals put forward   digital  projection  equipment.  Council  is   prohibitive  cost  of  converting  to  digital
              in the last year. Heritage groups hope that the   investigating the possibility of grants to help   projection.  Final  attractions  were  Ted
              distinct façade could be retained.  fund the conversion.              and  Snow  White  and  the  Huntsman.
                                                                                    Local council who own the building are
                                                                                    considering the options for its future use.

                                                                                    ADELAIDE:       A   $400   million
                                                                                    redevelopment  of  the  Festival  Centre
                                                                                    and  surrounding  plaza  is  planned  to
                                                                                    include  a  350-seat  theatre  and  cinema
                                                                                    added  to  the  Dunstan  Playhouse,  new
                                                                                    foyers  and  rehearsal  spaces  throughout
                                                                                    the complex.

                                                                                    PROSPECT: Plans for a boutique, art-deco
                                                                                    styled cinema complex planned for Prospect
              MARYBOROUGH:  the  original  movie                                    Rd is in now in jeopardy. Developer Steve
              screen  and  café/projection  block  still  in                        Maras will build elsewhere if the legal height
              place,  the  former  Maryborough  Drive-In                            limit  is  not  lifted  from  three  to  the  four
              Theatre has been offered for sale. The 13.5                           storeys he requires.
              acre  property  has  been  used  a  wholesale
              Palm  Tree  and  landscaping  business  for  SOUTH AUSTRALIA          KENSINGTON  PARK:  Installation  of
              some years.                                                           the TOSA-SA owned 2/12 pipe organ in
                                                 PORT LINCOLN:  The cinema was closed   the Regal Cinema is in now in doubt. The
              CAIRNS:    A  new  $154.6  million   in mid-August for the installation of digital   Society is proposing to sell the instrument
              development  covering  1.5  hectares  of  the   projection equipment.  due  to  the  prohibitive  restoration  costs
              city’s  waterfront  will  include  a  1100  seat                      after its long disuse in storage.
              proscenium arch theatre as well as retail and   KADINA:  The  former  Ideal  Theatre,  last
              public spaces in a project put to tender by   operated as the Ascot Cinema may re-open   GLENELG:  The  38-space  car  park
              Cairns City Council.               as a cinema venue.
                                                                                    on  top  of  the  proposed  two-storey  $15
                                                                                    million  Wallis  Cinemas  Development
                                                                                    will  be  accessed  from  the  UPPER  car
                                                                                    park  of  the  adjoining  Taplin’s  Bayside
                                                                                    Village shopping complex.

                                                                                    NORTHERN TERRITORY

                                                                                    ALICE SPRINGS: Further rezoning of the
                                                                                    derelict Pioneer Drive-In Theatre (Starline)
                                                                                    site for an 88-lot residential village has been
                                                                                    lodged. The applicant would like the heritage
                                                                                    site  de-listed  and  have  the  theatre  screen
                                                                                    moved to another site.

                                                                                    Newsreel  Contributors:  Colin  Flint,  Peter
                                                                                    Woolnough,  Crosley  Carpenter,  Jon  Medlin,
                                                                                    Roderick Smith, Kevin Adams, Ross King, Robert
                                                                                    Taylor,  Cameron  Glendinning,  Michael  Purdon
                                                                                    and many others…

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