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                                      CINEMA AND

              NEW SOUTH WALES

              BIRMINGHAM GARDENS: Owners of the
              Regal  Cinema  (closed  in  2006),  Newcastle
              Council transferred the building to a community
              trust in August and a $141,700 state government   TWEED  HEADS: A  rezoning  application   MOUNT VICTORIA: The future of Mount
              grant will help the “Friends of the Regal” group   has  been  lodged  to  enable  the  former   Vic  Flicks  is  in  doubt  with  the  long-time
              prepare for re-opening later this year.
                                                 Tweed Heads Drive-In Theatre site to be   operators  deciding  to  bow-out  due  to  the
                                                 redeveloped as a large business park. With   high cost of digital conversion.
              BYRON  BAY:  The  three-screen  Dendy   original theatre buildings, screen and ramps
              Cinemas are to close at the end of their lease   still  in  situ,  the  site  has  been  in  use  as  a
              in October. The property owner is hoping to   garden nursery for many years.
              attract a new operator but does not rule out
              conversion of the building to other use.  BLACKTOWN:   High-end   digital
                                                 projection  came  to  Hoyts  Blacktown  in
                                                 July. Xtremescreen in Cinema 5 features the
                                                 use of Christie Duo technology - two digital
                                                 projectors  to  deliver  the  brightest,  pixel-
                                                 perfect image on a 28.1 metre wide screen.

                                                 PARKES: Closed in 1988, the former Western   NEWTOWN:  The  closed  live  Newtown
                                                 Twin-Cities Drive-In Theatre was farewelled   Theatre was re-opened by a local thespian
                                                 on July 6 with a car club movie night utilising   on  April  27.  Renovated  and  revamped  as
                                                 a portable screen and digital projection.  The site   the King Street Theatre, the site now also
                                                 has now been cleared for the construction of a   includes a new 60-seat flexible studio.
                                                 large Masters Home Improvement Centre.
              PETERSHAM: The former Majestic Theatre                                QUEENSLAND
              building  was  unveiled  at  the  end  of  June  as
              Sydney's  newest  apartment  development.                             TOOWOOMBA: In a $5.5 million project,
              The  interior  now  houses  27  units  behind  the                    the Empire Theatre will receive $2 million
              heritage-listed theatre façade.                                       of funding to build a 350-seat state-of-the-
                                                                                    art black box theatre to compliment the
              KYOGLE:  The  Richmond  Valley  Cinema                                historic complex.
              reopened February 14 after a local development
              organisation secured a three year lease from the                      BUNDABERG: Regular outdoor Drive-
              former  owner/operators.  It  was  relaunched  as                     In  Movies  are  hoped  to  be  shown
              Kyogle  Community  Cinemas,  using  for  the                          monthly at the Innes Park Country Club
              first time, all three of its screens.                                 with the first night held in the grounds on
                                                                                    September 15.
              DUNGOG:  Regular  cinema  screenings  have
              returned to the council-owned James Theatre                           FORTITUDE  VALLEY:  An  August
              now that digital projection equipment has been                        auction  of  the  Tivoli  Theatre,  a  live-
              installed. The theatre also continues to host the   MUDGEE:  There  have  been  vigorous   music  and  concert  venue  was  cancelled
              popular annual Dungog Film Festival.  renewed  calls  for  council  to  purchase  the   due  to  negotiations  for  the  sale  of  the
                                                 closed Regent Theatre for conversion to a   property  freehold.  Located  in  a  1917
              PADDINGTON:  From  Monday August  4,   twin auditorium community-run cinema and   former  bakery  building  the  business
              Palace Verona Cinemas made the switch to   performance  space.  Council  prefer  to  try   remains on the market but may make way
              digital projection.                movies at their rebuilt Town Hall space.  for site redevelopment.

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